Jason C. McLean and Dawn McSweeney take a break from talking Montreal festival season to go over some recent news: Ongoing war in Ukraine and war games near Taiwan Pierre Poilievre poised to win Federal Conservative Party leadership Quebec pharmacist refuses to sell woman morning-after pill Follow Dawn McSweeney @mcmoxy on Twitter and Instagram Follow Jason C. McLean […]

The first day of Osheaga was a positively radiant day of sun, suds and tons of great acts culminating with an Arcade Fire rain dance that ended the evening. The short burst of rain left the crowd slightly soaked but very satisfied with Osehega’s return to full capacity after a brief halt due to the […]

Jason C. McLean and Dawn McSweeney welcome Special Guest Jerry Gabriel to talk about the full-force return of Osheaga and the final weekend of the full-force return of Just for Laughs – both this weekend! For live Osheaga coverage, follow @forgetthebox on Twitter and Instagram Follow @jerrygabrielrocks on Instagram Follow Dawn McSweeney @mcmoxy on Twitter and Instagram Follow […]

Well, after a year-long hiatus, and last year’s semi-return, Osheaga has finally returned to full capacity with some pretty interesting acts, both local and from far away. Montreal band Arcade Fire will headline the opening night, filling in for Foo Fighters who had to cancel due to the unfortunate death of their drummer Taylor Hawkins. […]