2010: The Year In Rants

It’s been a heck of a year. A lot has happened. Let me see.

In January I turned 34. I saw a pretty good metal show on my birthday. I began the year with high hopes and then ranted about ageing and cold medications. I was forced to get a credit card again. My human nature made me run up a larger bill then I should’ve allowed myself. I also got robbed and was frauded on my credit card for somebody’s kitchen renovations.

We had long and painful hockey season, which was compressed by the International Olympic games on stolen native lands, followed by the international world cup soccer championships in South Africa. I attended a solidarity march and vigil for the missing native women from across the country. I was accused of multiple atrocities simply for disagreeing with someone, who threatened dire consequences. I put my foot down on a few things.

The skid plate on my car needed to be replaced. I struggled with parking and snow removals. I got a parking fine. I worked very hard as a printer and complained about my lack of sleep and of the bullies in my past and what it’s like to live with sleep apnea and ADD. I moved back to my previous apartment, with my previous roommate and cat. I gained another cat from a former roommate, I got a space at 1180 for my band only to have it snatched away and then returned. I lost my job as a printer.

There were lots of parties. I started doing spoken word again. I re-joined the Quebec Writers’ Federation as a full writing member because of “Laurence Rants.” I celebrated Forget the Box’s new home and instantly became good friends with our new Copy-editor/Arts editor, Cassie Doubleday.

I scratched my head at the atrocious ludicrousness issued from Toronto’s new mayor, Rob Ford and I complained bitterly about the mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay and the corruption and evil for which he and his party stands. I supported Projet Montreal only to be appalled and disgusted by some of the actions taken by members thereof. I wasn’t surprised though, power corrupts. I shuddered at what the provincial liberals did and nearly vomited over actions taken by Quebec Solidaire. The Parti-Quebecois almost scarily started to make sense to me, but then I remembered that, as an Anglophone in Quebec, they see me as a second-class citizen, if a citizen at all. My family has lived in Montreal five generations before me and yet I’m an illegal alien in the city I was born in. Obviously, I can’t support that. I fell from right wing to left. Well, more left than I was before.

I shuddered at the political landscapes at the federal level in both Canada and the United States. I got annoyed by protests and irritated by the sheer amount of idiocy and lies that were plastered to every lamppost I saw. I lived it up and down. I felt like I was 19 all over again and I felt old at the same time. All in all, 2010 was a much better year for me than 2009 was, but not without its trials and tribulations. Hopefully next year will be better than the previous year was for myself and everyone reading this. Thank you all for a good year.

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