5771: Year in Review

Rosh Hashana is here again, so it’s time for Laurence Rants: Year in review.

This was one of the worst years of my life. It started with me losing my job shortly after the year began. After that, I then progressed into a downward spiral of growing debts and failing finances. I had a job briefly in telemarketing, but it didn’t last more than two days and paid me less than my employment insurance was paying me. It however screwed up my employment insurance and I was left high and dry for just over a month.

Once that was cleared up, I continued searching for work, but because the world economy is so bad, and because technology is replacing whole departments with single machines, and because of my ADD, I had a hellish time finding and keeping any work for more than a week, often without being paid in the end of it. This year ended for me in economic free-fall, from a very small amount in the bank.

This is after I had to change banks.

So here it is. The bottom of the barrel has dropped out. I’ve crashed and burned.

This was also a year of being sick for about a month or so, off and on, with various ailments.

However, as it is a new year, it is time for a new beginning. It is time to attempt to let go of the pains and the debts of the past and try to build myself back up, yet again!

I feel as though my life has not been the easiest one I could’ve had. I’m often afraid to take certain risks, I try to live the best way I can, and to be the best man I possibly can be, but then I’m always compared to other people who are vhastly more successful than me.

I must stop comparing myself to other people. I must improve and increase my skill-set to include and allow for the adaptations of new and existing technologies.

I must bolster myself up, and become that leader among men that everyone said I should become from the time I was small until my mid to late teens.

Having said this, and since this is a new year, with a new beginning, I will now begin to use a new format. My rants will now be shorter, and also they will now be mostly on video. Two weeks ago, I put up a test video, which had mixed responses. I promise that new videos will be more animated and angry than the first attempt, which really shouldn’t have been done the way I did it at that point. There will always be trolls and bullies out there, and the damage that has already been done long ago might show through.

I will also be revisiting some of my more favorite rants of the past in this new video format.

Of course there will be another year-in- review for the Gregorian calendar, 2011. when the time comes.

In closing I wish you all:

Chag Sameach, Gut Yor, Shana Tova Tikatevu.

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