If you don’t have a favourite transgendered artist added to your playlist yet, start with Rae Spoon. I’ve been listening to Rae for a month straight, so when I found out he was going to be playing a show at Casa de Popolo last Thursday, I took the last five dollars to my name and went (thank god my friend had money for beer). Not to mention the Popolo’s one of my favourite venues in MTL right now. So, here are the goods – The transgendered, Calgarian, folk/indie songster, most known for his mesmerizing female voice (and yes Rae Spoon is a female) spun pretty webs around the crowd’s ears; I know I’m still hmming his tunes and wishing the show was on YouTube.

In 2010 We Heart Music covered and saw over 41 artists, talked with four bands, attended two major Montreal music festivals, and created our own music month. Oh, and of course drank over, uh, lots of beer and liquor at various venues in Montreal and Brooklyn (seriously, we could have put someone’s kid through university). Our livers may not love us these days, but we still heart the music. Even though we may not remember every guitarist’s name or the name of that girl who performed at Casa with The Burning Hell (oh wait, we did figure that out. Hey Ragged Dick!), we’ve tried to bring you a mixture of talented and emerging artists. Of course, “each to their own” when it comes to musical taste (it’s an olive to a date-square kind-of situation).