With things in Montreal headed back to almost normal, we’re almost ready to re-brand this column Shows This Week. Not yet, but soon. This week, though, it is chock full of shows. Let’s get started: Nuit Blanche Returns Nuit Blanche is an event we have covered extensively in previous years, but this year, the closing […]

We seem to be getting more live art and music (virtually, of course) as the weeks go by and the weather gets nicer. This week we’ve got a couple of live events and a band formed during the pandemic’s first single release. Let’s get started: BIG BANG & The Aussenwelt Collective Stream Virtual Nuit Blanche […]


This year I was very excited to be taking part in my first ever Nuit Blanche celebrations. I know I’m more than a little late to the game, but better late then never right? Of course we all know when you’re with a large group of people, especially a group with an anarchist spirit like Forget the Box, plans of where and what you’re going to do never quite works out the way you wanted it to. But I had a lovely evening none the less, and who’s to say we don’t all need a little more spontaneity in our lives?