Three part harmonies? No problem! Nailed it! The Fox and the Moon stepped in last minute to play a show at the Cameron House earlier this month after the scheduled act had to pull out due to illness. The trio, made up of two acoustic guitars (Chris Blachford and Kim Wexler), a mandolin (Stella Green) […]

  Moon King @ Wrongbar Nothing makes me feel more like a tool than realizing I completely misinterpreted the gender of a singer (this said with love). I love surprises. For one thing, I thought Moon King’s lead singer was a female from listening to the audio online. (I didn’t Google Image them beforehand). This […]

The radio only speaks directly to two kinds of people- the insane and the insanely heartbroken. When one is the latter, it seems that every song has been hand picked by the DJ to ensure that your heart remains irreparably broken. With the level of insanity it takes to believe the DJ is conspiring against you, it is not hard to believe that if you drove to the radio station he or she would be sitting there laughing and licking whipped cream off your ex. Then the DJ goes into…

Around Grammy time, I am reminded of two young upstarts who, being moderately attractive but wholly lacking in talent, were ultimately humiliated and ostracised. I’m speaking, of course, of Milli Vanilli. Over 20 years later, they are still regarded as the epitome of raw talentlessness and having been stripped of their Grammys. And over 20 years later, Grammys and the like are still being bestowed upon the attractive and talentless who enter the studio with…

Whenever I call tech support I get a recording before I speaking to a “human”. The recording goes something like this:

For service in English- press 1, pour le service en français appuyez sur le trois … and then Esperanto or Aramaic version.

I expect this and I choose the speaker whose help I think I will best understand. But never, not once, ever have I chosen Techie. For those not familiar with the language, Techie is the language the Technical Support people speak instead of plain English, French, Mandarin or