A Devil’s Din: A Psychedelic Cheerfully Mellow Trip

Psychedelic Rock and Roll is what A Devil’s Din is all about.

After performing with numerous local bands like the Mongrels, Test Pilot, and The Mother Funkers, ace keyboardist and longtime underground musician David Lines finally took the reins and formed his own project: A Devil’s Din.

With this new project, Lines’s freedom to explore his eclectic, yet exotic, musings leaves him boundless.

One Day All This Will Be Yours comes together with the aid of Colin Burnett’s mighty drumming (from the Mongrels and punk band Bliss), along with guitarist-turned-bassist Mikael ”Titanium Hand” Tobias (whom David had previously worked with in skyhook), and lead guitarist Chuck Doucet, with his dingy blues bars and concert hall skills.

After playing local venues and honing their musical talents, they began recording the debut album One Day All This Will Be Yours with Adrian Popovitch at the Mountain City Studios (Sam Roberts, Priestess) in 2009, and then continued production at Studio L’Amour. The album was produced by David Lines, mixed by Rod Shearer, and mastered by Ryan Morey.

One Day All This Will Be Yours is a psychedelic rock album with moments reminiscent of Syd Barrett, John Lennon, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, and The Pixies – all brought together with lush hypnotizing melodies, true to their collection of   influences.

The slow rhythm and groovy melodic keys on She Sings a Silent Hollow” is relaxing, and has that everything’s-gonna-be-okay feeling within it’s sorrowful lyrics.

Stand A Chance” starts us off with a catchy guitar riff and a bouncy, headbobbing beat that gets you moving, really getting your groove going before mellowing out near the end.

I especially liked Wargasm”, with it’s creepy energetic approach, screeching progression, spiralling guitar and drum solos. The album as a whole is an unwinding, thoughtful passage through darker times, bringing on a tranquility perfect for those bad times that we’d prefer to forget. The screaming guitars and lush melodies are an especially satisfying touch. For those into the good old smoothness of Bowie, the cheery lightheartedness of The Pixies, and a dark side of Sabbath, this is definitely an album to check out!

A Devil’s DIN is playing June 2nd at CFC and will be having an in-store listening party and mini-concert at Sound Central (4486 Coloniale) on Sunday June 19th to celebrate the release of One Day All This Will Be Yours. The party starts at at 3 pm.

All photos Courtesy of A Devil’s DIN

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