A Late Night on The Main: Adventures at Factory, Vancouver VS the Canadiens

Another Méchant Mardi, in search of a bar to watch the game. Add ‘the month of no drink’ and it poses quite a challenge. On the verge of going to a sketchy bar when I got the call: “There’s a new bar on St Laurent!”. I ran in between TV time outs to join friends at Factory resto/bar to catch Montreal beat the Vancouver Canucks.

I walked into the bar and immediately appreciated the good vibe. The place was mildly populated with fans watching the game at the enormous bar. The ambiance was nice but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the setting was. Factory has some vintage sports decor, beautiful sofas and lounge like lighting, and the waitresses show off their spirit of the game in red baby t’s and white shorts. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the type of bar this was, it’s not like the clubs normally seen on St Laurent but not quite a sports bar either. Who is this rookie on The Main?

Opened back in October, Factory is operated by several owners, including Antoine and Jonathan (who previously worked at Buena Notte). Jonathan took a few minutes to talk to us and explained that he came up with a concept that could accommodate all types of clients even the hockey crowd. There are some of us that don’t want to do the Irish pub or a seedy dive; Factory boasts the cozy ambiance of a tavern but with the class you would expect from St. Laurent blvd.

Oh yes, a tavern. Taverns remind me of those stories from back in the Canadiens 50’s dynasty, where workers would enjoy a beer after a day of work. On occasion a hockey player would say hello from the bar and have a beer also.

It felt classy and inviting, some of you thinking that it’s pricey. Not to worry, Factory’s specialties are their home brewed hemp beer at $4 a pint and they also have good things to snack on, or entire meals (Try their 25 oz steak!). I tired the nachos in 7 layer dip, meaning that all the fixings in nachos are in one dip, each bite different than the next, amazing! The food caters to quality and they have high class sauces and meats. They also have an extensive wine list, with imports only found there, if you’re feeling less about beer. Factory will cater to all who comes to St Laurent.

My nachos where more exciting than Scott Gomez play as of late. He has made some effort but passing the puck is something we fans are not interested in. Shoot the puck for Christ’s sake!

This was the night that defense produced on both ends, Markov and Hamrlik each scored and slowly and surely the power play awoke. The Sedin twins (only one of them) only had two shots and Carey Price out-dueled Olympic goaltender Roberto Luongo for the shutout.

The game may have been defensive and flat however Montreal stopped Vancouver’s winning streak. I never understood the style of Vancouver’s play, boggles my mind, but we just beat the 3rd best team in the West.

The night went on as pints where poured, courtesy of our lovely waitress Natalie. The bar may be new but the feeling when the Canadiens win is familiar. Especially in the remaining 3 minutes, empty net, the bar screaming in hopes of an insurance goal. The DJ waiting to see whether or not to launch into song and get the red light on for a goal. What a finish.

I stayed while my friends partied on pints. Yes, we like to party on a Tuesday.  I was playing the observation game, it did feel like a tavern. Wooden panels, a DJ playing popular upbeat music, sections of the bar to hang out with friends on any giving night (on the day later on in the month). Johnathan quoted that forward Maxim Lapierre comes by once in a while and that “If he ever were to open a bar down the road, it would be like the one I’m sitting in.”

And that’s when I noticed he was sitting right next to me!

Yes! Like anyone who has a hardworking job you want to finish your shift then go to a familiar tavern to relax and have your drink. Maxim Lapierre and then later on PK Subban were doing the same. Funny watching them watching the replays of the game I just watched. I’m getting a kick out of the enthusiasm PK was having watching himself and gesturing to Lapierre. By the way, Lapierre likes to peel the labels from his beer.

There was a sense of nostalgia where a hockey player is seen the same way as a police officer, to be welcomed in open arms, respect of space and a good hello from some police officers patrolling The Main. They too, were as excited, I’m certain one of them sat of Lapierre’s lap.

Don’t worry, they didn’t stay too late. They have to get ready for the Bruins on Thursday.

You can never know what you get when you’re the rookie bar, but looking at Factory, they are establishing something in a short time. I wish them good luck as the season goes on and in the long run.

Photos by Rosemary Paquet

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