A Pirates Guide To Downloading: Free Stuff, No Torrents, Faster Speeds, No Problem

I love free stuff. I also love it when free stuff actually isn’t supposed to be free. If you haven’t caught on by now, let me spell it out for you: pirating. Not that it’s a good thing to pirate music or software or movies, but when you’re broke as hell, sometimes it’s just a good idea to do a few Google searches. And there are faster ways to get the files you want without using torrents and praying that the file you want has been seeded. This is a guide to get what you want faster than any other method I have discovered.

Also, for the record, pirating helps artists.

Trista - New Age Pirate

And the risk of you getting a virus using this method is about the same as it would be if you’re using a torrent. I’ve done this over 500 times and have never, not once, got a virus, so take this into consideration. Don’t download files that seem strangely small. No album or movie is only going to be 2MB. Be smart when you’re downloading, not just with this method, but with everything. Also, you’ll be getting over 800KB/s depending on your internet connection. This is safe, simple, and fast. Enjoy.

If you want an album literally any album there are a few ways to go about doing this, and they all involve Google. All you have to do is this:

Step 1: Go to Google

Step 2: Search for the artist and album name in quotes followed by Mediafire so it looks something like this…

Step 3: Go to the Mediafire link. Most of the time it will be the first result of the search.

Step 4: Download the file, and it’s yours. Unzip it and bang. Instant album. This works for just about ANY album you can think of too. Give it a try. And if you can’t find it on Mediafire, feel free to replace Mediafire with something like Megaupload, Rapidshare, Filesonic, or something along those lines. Or, you can do this:

Step 2B: Type in the name of the band and album but replace Mediafire with “blogspot.com”. The reason for this is that a lot of people have blogs devoted to album downloads and normally have a link waiting for you when you enter the blog. Piece of cake.

School textbook prices got you down and your wallet empty? Not to worry.

Step 1: Almost the exact same thing as how you download music! Here’s an example…

Step 2: Download, and never have to worry about having to pay money for school books again! Your wallet will thank me.

Want movies? By now you probably have the idea on how to download things faster than torrents, but now, because I’m so nice, I figured I’d provide you with my all-time favourite streaming, downloading and video sites. Here we go:

Heavy Metal fan?

http://freehardmusic.com/ – All you need to do is register and you’ll have unlimited access to tonnes of albums all ready for you with Mediafire links.

http://getmetal.org/ – Loads of obscure albums from countries such as Russia, South Africa and Uruguay. A really good website to say the least. A tip for this site is that if you find an album you like but dislike the method of downloading they’ve provided is to take the album and artist name and (you guessed it) proceed to step one of my downloading music guide.

http://metalarea.org/forum/index.php – One of the best metal sites out there. Only issue is the site isn’t in English… for the most part. But it’s still easy enough to navigate. This forum honestly has about thirty new albums uploaded every single day. And some are really rare. Amazing site to say the least.

Film / TV sites?

http://www.sidereel.com/ – Incredible site for finding full seasons of TV series and films. This site provides numerous links for all your viewing pleasures.

http://www.1channel.ch/ – Badass for foreign films and new releases. This site also provides links to download films too. If you ever have the urge to watch The Room, this site is for you. Haha. Or, you know, good films especially foreign ones from Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc. Good stuff.

Like sports?

http://livetv.ru/en/ – Not very often does a website provide links for KHL hockey games, but this one does. If you’re a fan of hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, or any sport even ping pong and want to watch live, then this site is for you. And if you love foreign leagues, even better. Beach soccer anyone?

I’m not advising you to download things illegally. It’s never a good thing to do. I certainly don’t do it. This guide is strictly for referral purposes in case someone asks you if you know how to get things for free online without needing to use torrents. I hope this guide has helped you, and as always, may the force be with you.

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  • Hahaha! Awesome!

  • thanks mike, keep up the sailing the web sea, ya pirate!

  • Very informative, didn’t know about Mediafire. For films and TV, though, icefilms.info is quite a good site. Basically a way to navigate MegaUpload without the 90 minute cap.

    • I’ll keep Icefilms in mind. I was going to do a post next week about ways to bypass filters and limits, but looks like you beat me to it! =)

      Mediafire is excellent. Out of all the file-sharing sites out there, I prefer it because it’s by far the fastest and there are no wait times for downloading a file like with Rapidshare. And no captcha.

  • I was having a hard time finding the hockey game the other night. I’ll give this a try! awesome thanks!

  • For those of you who are music fans I suggest using CaptainCrawl to meta-search music blogs all over the net–that’ll be even easier and faster. From the results you’ll quickly find which ones provide links to sites like mediafire. My personal faves: http://holyfuckingshit40000.blogspot.com/ for lossless audio and http://holywarbles.blogspot.com/ to find the rarities, out of print, exotic stuff.

  • Would be nice if there was a way to make a copy of an online video such as the one here.. http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/1221254309/ID=2141173058
    I’ve tried a few things, but struck out so far.

    • I’ve had a few experiences like this, if worse comes to worse you can always use a screen recording software that will allow you to record video of whatever you need 🙂

    • If you use Firefox, there is an add-on called Download Helper. It will rip any video from any player or any song. I’d strongly suggest that.

  • http://www.downloads.nl/local/en/mp3.html

    That is a really good site for downloading music. Search your favorite song, look through the search results and listen to the songs before you download them.

  • This is a very easy way to get your computer infected with viruses embedded in the files you are downloading. Mediafire does not regulate these files until they get several complaints that the file is a virus. Use this method at your own risk.

    • Incorrect. Considering I’ve downloaded over 500 albums from Mediafire and have never got a single virus, I disagree. If a file size is very small, then don’t download it, but I’ve never had that problem.

  • Thx for the advice. Very useful!

  • I have a Mac Book Pro .. it says i have no default application specific to open the album what can i do?

  • Nevermind after dragging otto the desktop and clicking on it it gave the option to search for an app . and it brought me to unarchiver ..its free ..work fine ..BTW thank you

  • Hulkshare is another one if you can’t find what you want on mediafire. =D


  • Holy holy shit/fuck. Thank you so much. Long time practitioner, first time respond-er. You just made my musical life twelve times more melodic. Kisses

  • Thank u thank u very much..

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiice! Thnx, dude!

  • One site for all my T.V./film viewing.


  • Better spot for most tv/movies:

  • i love this pirate world

  • Great method for spreading Virus’s, Once again securing the jobs of systems admins everywhere.

  • ohh yeahhh for sure gunna dl from media fire and get like 70 kbps when i could torrent and get like 500kbps+…

    • You’ve clearly never used Mediafire… I just started a download to prove a point and it’s at 600kps… please only post when you’ve done research or know what you’re talking about…

  • Very good way to mine viruses for your computer. Professional system administrator.

    Honestly, there’s a method of getting music that’s ten times as intelligent. Go to the library. I used to work at one. They do not police music ripping, even done inside the library. They also do not keep records of checkout history, so that they can’t be subpoena’d. You get the music straight from the real discs, in whatever format and bitrate you like.

    I’m not condoning the practice here, just saying that that’s the way to do it.

    • I have used the library for years. They may not have all the new stuff right away but they usually have a GREAT selection still. Clean the disk first and you are good to go! And btw, OUR taxes pay for most libraries so in reality we are “owners” of the media…

      • Recent material depends on the library, I worked at a major major library, so we got multiple copies of most new CDs within a week or two.

        • But what if you don’t have a major, major library in your area? I understand where you’re coming from, but what if you like things to be instant? And what if the library has the CDs checked out? Then what?

          • I guess then I would argue, that if you’re being a cheap bastard and not paying for what you want, then you could at least learn some patience. 🙂

            The Internet has given us a certain entitlement where we believe we deserve everything, for free, right now. We don’t, you know. 😉

          • Hmmmm. Spend time and energy driving to library… OR… download right away and have it in your collection… well, I’ll be straight up, you, good sir, are an idiot.

          • Ha ha. ^^ Why I have lost faith that the human race will survive. Too stupid to realize you are, can, and will be tracked. It is only a matter of time and will power from the other side. By all means keep on doing it, I’ve never heard of a case of illegal cyber spying or tracking…not ever..haven’t had to do it for various companies ever either…yeah good luck with that.
            Ps. you have probably already started to be tracked by the high level of traffic.

          • You managed to completely miss the point of ocdtrekkie’s comment, whilst providing entirely concrete evidence for what he is saying.

    • I would also like tp state that no. You won’t get viruses using this method. Considering you’re recommending using the library, I can tell you know very little about downloading.

      • While the rest of us try to protect our computers from cyber threats, you can go ahead and continue to download any file you want. All of them are probably legit and there’s absolutely no way in the world that any file on the internet contains an embedded virus, especially if it’s an archived file

      • As has been mentioned earlier in these comments, one of the safest ways to pirate videos, music, etc. is using an application like Video Download Helper with Firefox, or something similar, to permanently store video files on your computer. You can later convert them to other formats (like music) with various file conversion applications. The majority of big video hosting sites take anti-virus measures that are far beyond what most consumers have at home, and their content will be much less risky than most other pirating methods.

        In response to MickaelGwilliam’s comments here – If you’re ok with assuming the risk that comes with using this method, great. However, don’t tell people that it’s perfectly safe.

        Mediafire doesn’t regulate submissions to their website – they only respond to user feedback concerning what is and isn’t a safe download. This means that someone could write a virus, name it as a popular song, and post it on Mediafire. Anyone searching for that song might download this file and soon find themselves infected with a nasty virus. It won’t be taken down until enough people have reported it as a malicious file.

        Just because you’ve been doing this for a while successfully does not mean everyone will be so lucky. There’s bound to be a number of viruses hidden all over Mediafire, just waiting to be downloaded. All ravens are black, until we find one that isn’t.

        On a final note, there’s no such thing as a file download that’s perfectly safe. There’s only riskier and safer alternatives. Pay attention to what you’re downloading (file size, extension, etc.) and from where, and you’ll help yourself minimize risk in the future.

        • If you’ve done something over 500 times and have never once failed, then the odds are still the same that yes, something could be infected, but you should be willing to take that chance.

          The fact of the matter, is that if in my experience using Mediafire, there hasn’t been any problems. But, strictly speaking, if the people using this method previously used torrents, then they’ve already taken the risk before, so what’s stopping them from doing this?

          If you don’t want to download music for free using quick methods, then good for you, but all I’m saying is that I’ve never had an issue with this. At all. And if people follow the instructions, then they most likely won’t either.

          • I’m certainly on your side in saying it’s a chance worth taking. If I didn’t have alternative means for the same thing (private torrent server) I’d be right there with you.

            Given that most people who are going to use this are probably coming from torrents, it’s likely a safer alternative to what they’re doing now.

            With my earlier post I wasn’t trying to downplay the usefulness of this method – I’m glad you took the time to share it with everybody; I just think it’s unfair to readers to say that it’s completely foolproof.

            The piracy phenomenon has moved long ago out of the leagues of people who know what they’re doing on a computer. Given that you seem to be getting a good bit of StumbleUpon traffic, (congratulations, by the way) there’s a lot of people who will read that “you CANNOT get a virus from this” and take it at face value. These people are the most at risk in using this method, and I think they deserve to be informed that while it’s a safer alternative to torrenting, they still need to be careful.

          • Okay, fair enough, sir. Yeah, you make a valid point. I’ll probably make an edit to the original post right now with a few corrections. And thanks. It means a lot.

          • HAHA great logic sir. Well the LAW of averages states that enough successful downloads will lead you to a VIRUS.

        • I will, however, agree with you about file size.

    • very true. if people do not know how to download correctly virus’ can happen. people are too misinformed

    •  I’m not sure what decade you’re living in but I can assure you since the passing of the Patriot Act libraries keep a checkout history on every member.

    • this guy knows
      and mediafire is for queermos

    • Professional system administrator? Wow. You’re the man bro!

      • You’re responding to a seven month old post just to troll! You’re the man bro!

  • What about custom editions? I keep trying to look, but I know it won’t be an easy find.. Please help?

  • So what about free games and software?

  • mannnnn, keep the secrets secret. we don’t want the MPIAA, RIAA to know about this and prevent it as well. and before you ask why i came here, stumbleupon brought me here. this is like a how-to on how to cheat.

  • just use blogsearch and not be behind by 6 years.

  • no shit sherlock that websites been around for years

  • why are you sharing these things with people? now people are going to look for ways of shutting it down. Just because you know something… doesn’t mean you have to share it.

  • no 1 search on google? ok riiiiight. you’re gunna have the email of doom in 2 seconds. i call bullshit. fcc trap.

  • Awesome article – such a simple trick!

  • ‘I’ve done this over 500 times…’ ‘I’m not advising you to download things illegally. It’s never a good thing to do. I certainly don’t do it.’ Just saying..

  • filestube.com, nuff said.

  • y u tell ppl this the more ppl do it the faster tge man will stop it if u figger it out dont tell nobody

  • necrotime, those that are saying mediafire has slow download speeds it doesn’t. usually you can easily get 2-3mb per second. it downloads much slower when downloading like 30-40 files at once but that’s due to the bandwidth you’re allocated. as for viruses, it can happen to anyone but more likely to happen to those that don’t know what they are doing. i love the people who freak out thinking they got a virus when its only a false positive. why are people still even using torrents? they are dated.

  • But if you’re going to get The Downward Spiral, please pay for it, because it’s fucking awesome. If you’re going to steal something, steal beiber etc.

  • You sir clearly have no idea what are yu talking about. This method is flawed and idiotic at best.

  • All information noted, Due to a lack of information on those who pirate anything, don’t do it for we do have much information on you doing so, especially after 9/11 all things are tracked even when you legally buy items, and yes if you steal items it has a different code than those that are for sale, meaning the file on a website that is pirated and for free has a traceable code which means you use  your laptop,PC, ipods,cells and anything digital its being traced and as for Mr. MG who is exposing all this information who thinks he’s never going to be caught well maybe so but thanks to a visitor of his site he has been exposed and all his electronical digital item has been traced and locked..meaning to say we will be catching up with you soon. Your Pirating days are over. Crime never pays…Do the crime do the time.  
    http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx Busted.

    •  Any smart Pirate will block his IP and re-rout it. you will never find us… welcome to the internet where there are no rules.

  • hah, fucking noob. use newsgroups

  • Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to understand Mike’s comments? Not uber coherent …

  • At first I thought this is going to be something else but then I’m already doing this years few years back, honestly I just discovered it on my own.

  • You’re kind of half right. They still allow direct downloading, but they’re much more vigilante with removing copyrighted material, and more times than not what you’re looking for will already have been removed. It’s a shame, because the Google + Mediafire technique was all I ever needed to find whatever music I was looking for.

  • Sure, keep stealing crap so music promoters can keep denying new artists their services. Is anyone tired of shitty music yet?

    • That really doesn’t stand as an argument, because the “shitty music” is what gets downloaded the most. It’s also what gets purchased the most by the single group in the western world who’s entire income is discretionary. That’s who the promoters are marketing to, regardless of the opinion of seasoned music lovers. I’m sure there are a few things you listened to in your younger years you’d never admit to, and mortifies you to think you spent time and/or money on.

      If you REALLY want to help new artists, I would suggest giving your money directly to THEM.

  • Media Fire is no longer safe to use….

  • You da man ‘ceptioned

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