Mission Statement & Statement of Principles

Mission Statement

Forget The Box is an independent media collective that strives to provide a forum for unique voices and viewpoints that often find themselves excluded from the realm of traditional media and debate. In the face
of a corporate-dominated media landscape, where objectivity is often a thinly veiled cover for bias, we wear our views proudly and aim to provide media for the people, by the people.

Statement of Principles

While Forget The Box will never censor or otherwise restrict publication of articles based on topic alone, we do reserve the right to tailor our content in keeping with our overriding mission statement, elaborated above, as well as with the principles of responsible journalism.

Specifically, and to the greatest extent possible, factual inaccuracy in all of our content will be avoided and, when necessary, rectified.

Anything found to be unjustly prejudicial to any social, ethnic, religious, sexual or other identity group will be deemed inappropriate for publication on Forget The Box.