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First off, I have to give an overwhelming thanks to everyone so far for supporting this column.   I hope you’re experiencing as much fun and excitement reading it as I am writing it.   Expect more coverage of issues in the media relating to sex, personal anecdotes, book reviews and embarrassing stories in the near future.

This week, I’d like to commence a regular feature I’ve been wanting to add to this column – an advice section.   We all need someone to turn to with our romantic woes and queries.   Someone to back us up on our shifty decisions, someone who won’t judge while trying to steer us into the right direction, one that we’re often blinded to for any number of reasons that usually lead straight back to one thing – mind-blowingly hot sex.

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And now, without further adieu, Advice For The Morning After:

Dear Jessica:

I’ve been seeing a wonderful woman for a few weeks now.   We get along really well, and the sex has been mind-blowing.   Last night, after a really hot sack session, we got into the ‘how many people have you slept with’ question.   I was honest with her, and told her I’d been with 4 women before her.   She nonchalantly told me she’s been with at least 50, though she lost count a long time ago.

I was really shocked.   I was really starting to like her, but I’m quite turned off by this knowledge.  I can’t help but feeling like just another notch in her belt… How can she give herself away so easily, and will she ever change?

– Lad Overwhelmed by Loose-Legged Lass

Dear Lad:

It’s okay to be shocked by this type of behavior, but don’t forget that you asked her about it in the first place.   Now that the answer isn’t what you expected, you really have no right to get angry with her or judge her based on her honesty.   In fact, you should be proud that she told you the truth instead of trying to lie about it.   That proves that she’s not embarrassed about her past, so why should you be?

I imagine she’ll change some day, but since I don’t know her, I can’t answer that for you.   However, that doesn’t mean that the experience of being with you means any less to her just because she’s been with so many other people in the past.   I’ve been with quite a few men myself, and I cherish each and every one of my previous lovers, from the one-nighters to the year-long stays in my bed.

So what if she’s had many lovers before you… does that change anything?   If it makes you feel belittled and ultimately leads you to respect her less, and it shouldn’t, then maybe you should go find one of the multitudes of women that have been with as many people as you… but don’t be too surprised if many of them are a lot less liberal about sex as your fabulous current chica!

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  • Why should anyone change? Everyone has a different idea about love, sex and relationships.

    It’s human nature to want to be intimate with people, but unfortunately it’s also human nature to be jealous.. which is why the question of ‘how many’ does not usually turnout well. Jealousy is normal though and can be talked about and worked through..until it’s not there anymore!

    Lovers are great and I personally cannot imagine having only one for the rest of my life… what’s wrong with that?

    My advice to Lad is to enjoy yourself and the person you are with in the moment you are with them. She’s good in bed for a reason 😉


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