Against “fixing” pets that aren’t broken

I am against the “fixing” of animals. Before you decide to “fix” me for saying that, let me explain. This one might make you think about it a little too much. I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable, but this practice makes the animals involved considerably more uncomfortable.

The only reason that veterinarians recommend sterilization of pets is to keep the puppy and kitten mills in business. If pets simply reproduced naturally and the offspring were given away to new pet owners instead of being sold in stores, there would likely be far less animal abuse. It is sad how it is often the abusers who get on a proverbial high horse and speak out against such behavior, often filming their own cruelty and using it as a promotion against animal abuse.

Some people are even brainwashed into thinking that it is cruel not to sterilize their pets. Many of these people are selfishly thinking about their pets spraying or becoming violent. This is a natural thing and sterilization is unnatural. So are puppy and kitten mills.

Think about it. If your pets are like your children, and many pet owners feel that way, would you even consider doing that to a child? While it might be considered standard procedure for a pet, if a parent did that to their child, they would likely lose custody of said child.

To look at it another way, imagine this scenario: Children are grown in laboratories. All babies are test-tube babies and are raised in orphanages. All children are sterilized at puberty, often in a very painful and brutal way, except, of course for the “breeders” who are kept enslaved by the child mills until they can no longer bear children, at which point they are discarded. They are abused and are made to live in horrendous conditions. I just described your average puppy/kitten mill, with cooperation from the vets and the pet owners. Not a pleasant thing to think about.

Veterinarians often use words like “spayed,” neutered,” or “fixed” to describe this operation. To Fix is to break open the pet and castrate or otherwise sterilize it. To spay is to rip out the ovaries of an animal and to neuter is to rip the balls off an animal. Imagine doing that to your own children!

There is an old saying: “if it’s not broken, don’t Fix it!” This stems from people damaging an item by trying to repair it when there is no damage. The truth is, pets are impractical in the city, if there isn’t a need for them. Having said that, I realize that there is a real need for certain animals such as seeing eye dogs, hearing ear dogs, cats to prevent vermin from collecting and so on. These animals work better if they are not “Operated” on and that’s been proven by numerous case studies.

I do believe, though, that chipping a pet is a good idea, so as not to lose the pet. However, chiping your children? Who controls the chips? There is something to get really paranoid about!

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  • Are you an idiot? Have you no perspective? I guess it’s true what they say, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got ’em.

    I mean seriously, I don’t think you could find anyone who actually knows anything about this subject to agree with you: there is no question that castrating domestic pets is, overall, both good for them and good for us.

    Why don’t you interview a veterinarian for your blog or a public health professional or a professional animal breeder or a biologist or… get the point? Someone who actually has studied this area and deals with the reality of the situation.

  • “Why don’t you interview…a professional animal breeder”

    I think part of the point is that if there were no professional animal breeders (or pet stores), there would be no need to spay or neuter pets.

    People looking for a pet would have to select from one of the millions naturally conceived by un-fixed animals instead of going to a breeder or pet store.

    Imagine if the SPCA, the alleyway or friends with pregnant cats or dogs were the only permitted sources for new pets.

    True, if you accept the system as is, then sterilization makes sense, but if the whole thing changed, then it wouldn’t.

    Either way, it does seem more natural for animals to control their own reproductive cycle than us.

  • Obviously, Anonymous wishes to remain anonymous because they feel that their anonymity protects them. that’s fine, as I’m sure this may avoid any hard feelings, seeing as they open with an insult and keep on insulting. it’s no secret that throughout history, there are examples where PEOPLE were treated like this, Castrated or otherwise sterilized, often by unfriendly and evil methods, usually to facillitate slavery. I’m sure Anonymous realizes this and probably doesn’t wish to be associated with the likes of those people who saw other people, as well as animals, as mere slaves to work for them. Hmmm…. Maybe he’s not so stupid after all.

  • When I think about it animals being ‘fixed’ is pretty cruel. But I’ve also dealt with having to put a dog in a diaper, and having a cat wipe her…area on my arm and it was gag-worthy. I’m kind of on the fence about this still…I know there is no proof that the painkillers actually work for the animals when they’re fixed…

  • Dude, if you think the purpose of spay/neuter is to keep puppy mills in business, you are not really thinking about this issue. Puppy mills don’t compete with SPCA/pounds that have a massive oversupply of stray/abandoned dogs and puppies due to people not fixing their pets. You could shut down every puppy mill and there would still be way more dogs than good homes for them. The Humane Society estimates that 6-8 million stray cats and dogs enter shelters each year and of those, half are euthanized and only half are adopted. Spaying/neutering a pet may be somewhat unnatural, but it is the only rational way to limit the even more horrific outcome of killing innocent animals. (On another note, pets are not children, so the same rules don’t apply – if you fed your child from a bowl on the floor and made them use the bathroom outside, you’d lose custody of your kid as well)

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