Album Review: Imaginary Cities, Temporary Resident

Imaginary Cities is the first step in the Manitoba music take over. They released their first full length album, Temporary Resident last month and here’s what I’ve got to say about it…

Imaginary Cities ability to synchronize their various instrumental add-ons and match Marti Sarbit’s (lead vocals) voice with solid, strong and trendy lyrics is gold. The album maintains old songs such as Say You and Hummingbird, while managing to add new pieces like Don’t Cry. It’s a strong start for a new group. I mean they’ve already managed to please the ears of many due to Rusty’s previous experience, which he seems to have passed on and redefined for Marti’s gritty ear grabbing vocals.

Temporary Resident houses 11 songs, the majority have already been released via their MySpace, but it’s nice to hear some new additions that keep within their blues-pop themed sound.   If you haven’t already bought Temporary Resident do so it will stay on play for at least a month. If you’ve had the play button pushed for a month, grab it for new and old songs; it’s always nice to have everything in place. After all that’s the point of an album- It’s a house of songs. My only disappointment is the exclusion of the ever-so addictive tune Marry The Sea, one of the best I think. Either way, Don’t Cry definitely makes up for it. Truth be told, good pop is good pop. So, stop being a grouch and get your ears hooked on something different for a while, whether temporarily or permanently.

Imaginary Cities plays CMW tomorrow (Friday March 11) @ The Garrison, 1197 Dundas Street West as part of the Manitoba Music Showcase.

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