Alien invasions are imminent. Sort of.

This is an experiment in automatic writing, as it’s four o clock in the morning and I’m pretty much writing this in my sleep.

The conspiracy theorist in me is thinking that the chemical trails left in the sky by various military and corporate interests are hurting everyone under the earth’s atmosphere and are partially responsible for all the acid rain and global climactic changes and economic disasters we’re currently experiencing.

After all, we know that the chemical trails are left there to block out the alien flying saucers from regular sight. In fact we’ve been in close contact with alien beings since ancient times, except with breaks of roughly two to three centuries where us puny and inferior humans had to fend for ourselves in the wild world. This has mostly led to wars and violence, along with various other unhealthy practices that we’ve been engaging in.

Perhaps the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 was a call out to the aliens who came to find out what the hell was going on, only to be shot down near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?

Let me see… Aliens supposedly crash land in the American desert in 1947, and the State of Israel is formed in 1948… Coincidence? Well, probably, but then again, there was apparently a voice above the people of ancient days who said something about the reformation of the land and of a second returning from those beings with UFO’s behind their heads. I believe they refer to it as the second coming, but I could be wrong about that.

In fact, if you look at many religious paintings and frescoes from ancient times until modern day, the “Saints” often seem to be depicted with something floating behind their heads. This has sometimes been defined as “Haloes of light” but how then do you explain the two-tone ones? Or the ones with windows?

For that matter, how do you explain anything about the accomplishments of Bill Gates and Steven Jobs? Why were they successful where others weren’t? Why does it seem that most of the US presidents were somehow related to the specific Puritans who came to America aboard a ship called the Mayflower?

How would you explain that giant, dorky-looking robot that our dear leader, Stephen Harper has supposedly admitted to being, according to a recent article?

How do you explain the internet, with it’s vast array of everything from wonders to diseases, including all manner of viruses, worms, and social networking sites? How do you explain Telemarketing?

You know, there once was a time, not all that long ago, when everything had to be made by hand, the only media was printed as books or newspapers using movable type, which was of course, hand-set, we used horse-drawn trolleys to get around in cities and horse-drawn carriages or horses alone for our longer voyages, and walked as our basic mode of transportation. Food was always local, as were most things which were usually hand made by somebody related to you if not made by you, yourself. Geologically speaking, our ridiculous advances in every possible type of technology is on a timescale that is incredibly minute. In only two centuries we’ve had an industrial, then a consumerist, and then a technological revoloution, in a manner unforeseen.

It must be the “aliens,”

Unless, of course it’s us. Quite frankly, I don’t believe   Humans are all that smart of a species, and Neanderthals were smarter. Maybe.

Disclaimer and warning: the opinions, views, and interests depicted in this rant may or may not necessarily reflect the views of Forget The Box or any of it’s affiliates. It also might not make any real sense whatsoever. No animals were hurt during the writing of this rant, aside from those that were, or might have been.

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