All over the map

I realize that this rant is somewhat upside-down, Topsy-Turvy and otherwise all over the place.

I don’t care if you like to bicycle on a highway late at night without any lights or even reflectors. I’ll be driving that Bigfoot truck and will never even notice you when I run you over, only first learning about it when I’m watching the news later.

What can I say? I’m part Israeli and a victim, so I don’t sympathize with the terrorists. Hitler or Savonarola and Caligula would have charged me with being a “Jew Sympathizer” as well as a Jew and the torture would likely have been worse. Savonarola would have me burned at the stake for being an artist as well. I’m an ex-cyclist and an avid car driver. I now respect the rules of the road.

So it seems to me that the floodgates are open now, boy! In the last little while I’ve run or re-run some doozies! The flak has been amazing! I admit that in war, it’s easy for either side to get carried away, but some offenses are simply not forgivable. As for a wall? It’s truly amazing how controversial a wall can be. But imagine a world without walls. How would you support your rooves?

Besides. Fences are walls too. Can you imagine a world without walls, or even fences? Imagine trying to sleep during a blizzard in a house with no walls! You might not wake up from that! Speaking of houses, I recently moved back to my old apartment in St-Henri, right next to the Highway that’s falling down, but I still use it every day to come home from work, which the city wants to replace by pretty-much moving the off-ramp into my bedroom. Everything is still upside-down. I’m afraid it will be for a while.

Next to said highway there used to be a lot of warehouses and a lot of train tracks. Naturally, the land in the area became badly polluted. They never really cleaned it up, they just tore down all the warehouses and ripped out the railroad tracks. Many jobs were lost because of this.

In other news, the province of Quebec is again trying to get rid of many businesses. Another xenophobic, protectionist, fascist law which goes against the province’s own charter of rights and freedoms has been put into place. Restricting public access to schooling is definitely a step in the wrong direction. The politicians who run this province are evil, greedy, racist, fascist bastards who should all be shot! But then, who would replace them? We can’t have true anarchy, Human nature won’t allow for that. Unless we get rid of that problem, simply by eliminating all humans. Heck, this city is already quite misanthropic in its design.

Speaking of Anarchy, I went to the anarchist book-fair again this year. This time it was on for two days and as usual, it was packed. It was very well organized in a quite hierarchical fashion, or so it seemed to me. There were more books available for sale than last year, which is good because it’s supposed to be a book fair. Of course, there were many pamphlets as well. A true celebration of the printed word. For an anarchist event, it wasn’t very chaotic, although it certainly could have been. Also, the anarchist sentiments of free love and sexual freedom weren’t well represented. Nobody was having public sex. Apart from a few bare feet, there wasn’t even really any nudity, at least while I was there. But then, this ain’t Boston!

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