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It’s good to be young, free, and on the other side of the world, especially if you are power pop group Naked and Famous. Although traveling around the world can be difficult for any band, The Naked and Famous have found a way to keep it all together while on tour, at least that is what they told us when we nabbed an interview with them this past week.

The Naked and Famous have developed their own style and approach to making their original brand of electronic infused pop with a hint of rock. The new release is just full of glittering sound that makes you want to jump in a lake on hot summer’s night!

Mark my words, these New Zealand rockers are due to make it “big” in the next coming months. They will be playing in Montreal in the midst of overseas tour that will bring them across the ocean, then back home to Aukland. The tour ends in the United Kingdom in November.

Riding high (and probably naked) over the last year, since their single ” Young Blood” hit the number one spot in New Zealand and earning critics praise for their release Passive Me, Aggressive You, this band has learned how to balance fame and improve their musical craft while on tour. Considering these guys are so new to North America, and seeing as we want you all to get to know them a little better, ForgetTheBox conducted a little interview with the band. We tried to ask some questions that would help you get to know them but also some completely irrelevant questions… deal with it!

What’s your favourite song on Passive me, Aggressive you and why?

None! As I am too close to the album as a whole to have a favorite. They all make the most sense to me collectively.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a band, together?

I don’t really have a way of quantifying which lesson is the biggest or has had the most benefit for our long term industry planning… it’s more like we’ve learnt a whole bunch of lessons that will help us figure out how we put out the next record, or how we plan our touring but no real ground breaking epiphanies about who we are or what we’re doing. We’re still the same band with the same intentions. Just stupider and older.

 A lot of your songs have been featured on TV series, how do you feel about that? Did you get to choose which ones, did they approach you?

With signing a publishing deal you get these things called ‘blanket licenses’ which TV sometimes falls into in certain territories so often we don’t actually have a choice. With big American TV series though, we are asked and have said yes. It’s an opportunity for people to hear our music and one of the only ways to get paid as a musician in today’s music industry. Sometimes it can feel a bit cringe-worthy but we try not to be pretentious about how we get our music ‘out there’.

 You’ve only been together a short time, did you expect this much success?

We’ve been together since 2007-ish. Our first two releases were in 2008…I definitely did not expect this much success.

 At what point was it like: “Holy shit, things are really happening for us?”

Just before we went on stage today at Fuji rock. Then again just before dinner when I realized I had three meal vouchers. AND three drink tickets… And generally every day.

 Okay, if you had the choice would you rather hang out with penguins or elephants and why?

I think both animals have different species that are endangered. And no I wouldn’t want to piss off or frighten any animal for any reason whatsoever.

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The Naked and Famous are playing La Sala Rossa this Wed Aug 10th with Winter Gloves.

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  • I heard that they killed it in Toronto at their show last night! Can’t wait!

  • Thank you all for participating in our Contest!

    We’re happy to announce the Winner of the contest was John Lee! Congratulations on winning the pair of tickets.

    Stay tuned to ForgetTheBox, as we will be conducting more and more contests here!!!

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