Aparthied week and Why I will never boycott a country

In response to Quiet Mike’s column this past Thursday on Forget The Box, I’m posting two pieces I wrote earlier this year on the same general subject but was waiting to publish.

Aparthied Week

Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in this column are mine alone and not necessarily shared by other members of Forget The Box or its affiliates. (P.S. I shouldn’t have to put a disclaimer, but then…)

I wasn’t going to post this, but I was recently invited to a protest rally in favour of terrorists and against Israelis. I am part Israeli and I am a victim of a suicide bombing, so, I don’t know, perhaps I’m biased on this matter. I expect it might generate hate mail and I risk my own safety by posting this, but if I don’t, the terrorists might win.

Now, I’m not really allowed to rant about “Aparthied Week.” First of all, the name is a misnomer and a lie. But what do I know. I’ve only lost a few relatives and an ex-girlfriend to these terrorists.

Please forgive me if I take the extreme view on the opposite front. I think giving back the Sinai was a mistake and I’ve known several Lebanese who fled Lebanon as soon as the “occupation” ended. In fact, Lebanon is still occupied by Syria.

As for the gay and lesbian contingent against Israel, at least homosexuals are treated as citizens in Israel, but for someone even accused of it in the rest of the Arab world, it means, well, death. But hey, since Israel is the only European democracy in the middle east, it has many, many detractors. It’s truly amazing what lies these terrorists will cook up these days.

Let me start with a history lesson. In ancient Roman times, Israel was conquered by the Roman empire. Many people were taken as slaves and the Roman soldiers named the land “Palestina” after the philistines who were defeated by the ancient Hebrews according to Scripture. They named the land “Palestina” as an insult.

Fast forward about a thousand years or so and we come to the crusades. Roman Catholic warriors coming to the Holy Land bent on destroying and murdering anything that wasn’t Catholic. At this time in history, Jews who had been exiled from Israel a thousand years earlier, along with followers of the then relatively new religion Islam, treated each other with the respect that brother tribes should, but under the duress of a common enemy bent on rooting them out.

Fast forward another eight hundred years or so and we come to time where Pogroms began and became a regular event, culminating around a hundred and fifty years later in the Holocaust. Yes. The Holocaust was very real and anyone who denies this is a liar, a cheat, or someone who has truly been mislead by liars and cheats.

We must never forget that. Hitler counted on people forgetting about the Ottoman Turkish genocide attempt against Armenia. More recently, the Hutu and the Tutsi tribes of Rwanda. What about the “Ethnic Cleansing” in the Balkans? And we should never forget all those tribes Native to North America that were decimated by white settlers and sociopaths. Did I forget to mention the Aboriginees of Australia, especially the island of Tazmania? No. I understand that nobody is innocent.

But to call it apartheid is a slap in the face of every black man, woman and child in South Africa and for that matter, North America. This seems another terrorist plot from various nations who despise personal freedoms and the right to live free of discrimination.

Of course, Aparthied week is an annual event on college campuses. Reminds me of another organization which started on college campuses in the deep south about a hundred and fifty years ago, they wore white robes and bedsheets to hide their identities. I strongly believe that Aparthied week is at least supported by the KKK and other hate groups.

Mostly, it’s an excuse for anti-semetics and blinded Jewish people alike to start bashing their homeland and usually someone gets badly hurt. Last year it was me who got badly hurt. So please, forgive me for my opinion on the subject. I know, you likely won’t. I will more than likely suffer further at the hands of my readers, if I have any left.

Why I will never boycott a country

I understand the point of boycotting and attacking a company you don’t like. If a company treats its employees in an unethical manner, then maybe I support your endeavour. But boycotting a country is making a statement that you do not like that country or anything associated with it. You want people in that country to starve, suffer, become impoverished and become violent. You want crime to rise out of desperation.

Perhaps you don’t like a country’s politics. That’s fine, but causing people to become unemployed only leads to further suffering and does absolutely nothing to change those politics. Rally all you want in another country, it more than likely will make no difference.

But if you feel that you must boycott a country; follow these simple rules:

Don’t annoy people from said country or who associate themselves with said country with protests, boycotts and threats unless you want to cause undue agitation. If so, be prepared to fight. Of course, you will come across as bigoted, but then, isn’t bigotry the sole true reason for boycotting said country?

Don’t lie about a country you don’t like. Don’t spread lies and rumors. This only makes other people bigoted. It also serves to irritate the people from said country into defending themselves against your onslaught.

Do not commit acts of vandalism or looting against products and the stores that carry those products imported from the country you so despise. This will result in backlashes against you and is a criminal offense against some of your own countrymen.

If you convince enough people to become bigoted against said particular country, you may wish to start a war for the purposes of conquering said country, murdering its population and possibly colonizing the land for the purposes of occupation.

Remember, if you take up arms against a country, said country will do what it must in order to defend itself and rightly so.

If your military is superior to their military, congratulations, you’ve just started a war and a military coup. You are now a dictator.

If your military is inferior to their military, you’ve just committed suicide.

You might wish to root out all members with ancestry in said country. Make sure to commit your genocide efficiently, quickly and in a way that the rest of the world will not stop you in doing so.

Perhaps you merely wish to oppress and repress the freedoms of the people in a certain country. Perhaps you believe there isn’t any freedom in said country. Depending on the current politics of said country, you could be right, or you could be wrong.

Chances are you simply wish to support your own local economy. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you do it in a peaceful, ethical manner.


You are no better than the people you are hurting by boycotting that country.

Congratulations. You are no better than all those other “human” creatures. The world would truly be a far better place without them.

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