As Random as SUUNS – Random Recipe & SUUNS @ Cabaret Juste pour rire via M for Montreal

Photo by Chris Zacchia

On Friday, November 18th, M for Montreal showcased Random Recipe and SUUNS at Cabaret Juste Pour rire.  I remember being enthralled to see Random Recipe perform. I remember someone whispering in my ear during their performance, “They just got booked for shows in Japan.” I remember leaving thinking and saying all night long, “Random Recipe is gonna blow everyone’s mind.” I also remember being completely and randomly taken back by SUUNS. So, let’s get to the goods…

Random Recipe will blow your mind. The Montreal based hip-hop/folk group truly have an interesting, fresh and dynamic live sound (it’s also consistent with their album Hold it! Mold it!) that left the crowd begging for more (plus I’m a sucker for female hip-hop artists). Their bouncy performance made the crowd look like they all had go-go-gadget shoes on, as they sprang up and down, while the band spit every lyric back in their faces. Not only were the fans hypnotized by their performance, it was obvious that the delegates and media wanted a little of the action for themselves barely anyone was standing around like the picket-fence of people that sometimes lines the back of venues.

In that same night (it became a bit blurry) SUUNS graced the stage to teach our ears just what has been preaching all along SUUNS take you to another planet and should definitely be included in your iTunes library. While gazing down at SUUNS, the type of music you don’t bounce around too, I noticed everyone was glued to the stage in a mesmerized state. All the crowd could do was nod their heads back and forth as if they were in a dream.

Photo by Chris Zacchia

SUUNS electric-indie sound is becoming a familiar echo in the minds of many music lovers. Their presence on the indie music scene will for sure shift the music paradigm from one that has become prominently filled with folk and pop, to one where the various separate layers in songs can be bluntly heard. How you say? Folk and pop music, though you can hear the instrumental contributions floating behind the songs, the layers together produce what I think is a cake-like sound (a pretty, yummy product you consume with a smile). SUUNS produces a painting.   Listen to their songs and try to imagine a painter in front of a blank canvass, getting ready to let his imagination run wild – the stare, the build up and the action (listen to Area). SUUNS achieves this by making songs that are constructed with a variety of instrumental and electronic sounds, and pasting Ben Shemie’s simple vocals over everything – it’s brilliant.

Other artists that performed that night included: Molly Rankin, The Barr Brothers, Metz and VALLEYS (pics from the show). Check their MySpaces or SoundClouds to see if they suit your ear drums.

Alright, cool beans. Be sure to remember things when you go to shows…

Random Recipe and SUUNS performed during M for Montreal on November 19, 2010 @ Cabaret Juste pour rire. There was gin and juice. There was beer and we all “got down.”

To see pics of the show visit Random Recipe and Suuns on our Flickr page

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