Auditory Voyeurism: Paper Thin Walls, Extreme Screams, and Muffled Moans of Passion

Sound is so important, especially the sound of sex. Have you ever listened to just the audio of porn? Try it, it’s so hot. Sound in the bedroom is always a good thing, and it can enrich your sex life exponentially.

I’m sure we have all lived with roommates who have had extremely loud sex from time to time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. (I’m a screamer if you don’t put a ball gag in my mouth). And, depending on who you’ve heard moaning and groaning through the walls, you know there’s all kinds of loud sex out there. 

There’s the awful creaky squeaky bed slamming up against the wall. This is my least favourite. I once had a beautiful vintage bed frame that wasn’t made to endure hard labor. Thankfully my ex and I fucked it into the ground and put it out of its misery. I didn’t use a bed frame for years after that.

Loud sex is healthy

Some people make tiny “meeps” and others have a mighty roar when they climax. I’ve had a roommate that sounded exactly like Forrest Gump’s mom screwing the principal. Another had that “Awwwe Yeaaa” deep bass sexiness.

Several courters have told me they would like to hear what I sound like, I don’t blame them. I naturally have a phone sex operatoresque voice as is, imagine when it’s provoked? Yummy.

We aren’t teenagers trying go hide our sexual activity from our parents anymore. Loud sex is healthy. Be the porn star you want to be. While all porn moans may not be real, just like porn boobs, it does seem quite fun to turn up the volume and express yourself in bed.

loud sex is fun

Being vocal and moaning during love making let’s your partner(s) know how they are doing. Do not inhibit yourself during the act. Be loud, talk dirty, this is not the place to censor yourself. If your roommates don’t like it get new roommates. Never apologize for loud coitus, it’s like apologizing for breathing. There are pros and cons to living with people. Listening to others have sex just comes with the territory. 

You don’t really know someone until you live with them. You may think that they are a sexy, open, rockstar and then after living with them find out that they are actually a closed off curmudgeon, passive aggressive, crack smoking, never-does-the-dishes whore. A variety of things happens when people move in together and one of them is getting to intimately know their sex life and the sounds they emit while cumming.

Always respect others and give them the courtesy you want to receive. I learned etiquette quick. My first roommate used to have sex with the door open. I would come home and politely walk past his bedroom. I told her that one day she would look up to see me standing there like a creep, eating a sandwich, and watching them get it on with a blank look in my eyes. That’s probably what made her decide to move out.

It’s like screaming on a roller coaster

My current roommate/muse, Max Darling, is an exhibitionist. He also prefers to have an open door policy about his sex life. He once had sex in a friends dorm room to fight back against their roommates excessive sex. It didn’t deter anyone. They ended up cheering him on, and he loved it. I’ve come home to him cooking Ramen noodles naked. It’s beautiful.

The ol’ “Do Not Disturb” sign is not needed when the whole house can hear you. If you just let it out you will breathe easier and get more aroused. It’s like screaming on a roller coaster. The thrill of others hearing you, vocal exhibitionist, maybe you will even get caught (naughty naughty).

A woman in Birmingham England , Gemma Wale, was arrested and jailed for two weeks due to loud sex noises that annoyed her neighbors.

sex memeEnthusiastic screams are sexier then any lingerie or sex toys. Show them you are into it, but don’t fake it. It’s cool to exaggerate a little in the name of fantasy but not right or healthy to constantly fake your orgasmic bliss. If your partner is doing it wrong communicate and things will get better (or find someone more compatible). You don’t want them to continue doing the wrong thing and thinking they are satisfying you, that’s not fair to either of you.

Even single girls like me can have loud solo sex

I once went on a camping trip with some lesbians, two of them were a couple at the time and the other two just friends, well that didn’t last long. I remember vividly hearing them having the loudest sex ever in the rooms of the cabin on either side of me. I regret not trying to turn it into an orgy. I also felt lonely and desperately single that fateful night.

Even single girls like me can have loud solo sex. Hitachi wands and vibrators that take D batteries can create quite a buzz in your household (literally).

Be loud and proud that you are getting laid or getting that “D” or “V” (dildo or vibrator) respectively. It will make you and your partner feel like kings. Loud sex is animalistic and primal. Muffled groans of passion in a pillowcase or ball gag are almost as hot as the decadent decibels, so don’t hold back.

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