Facebook graveyard got me down today… Fuck, I keep inviting Tim to events I always did before because I knew he would be there Wet dreamland with that military s&m hat and sunglasses Carebear onesie or cats in space I have a hard time grasping that he is gone doesn’t make sense a world without […]

So, I have been reading cheesy lesbian erotica out loud to my partner, I highly suggest it! It’s fun to fantasize and play. Perfect for spicing up an already hot situation. I channeled all of the paperback romance novels I have ever read. It’s all about pretty words baby! Here is my attempt at true […]

Think of bad relationships as faulty products. If a product malfunctions we complain and get our money back, write a review, and maybe even sue if it was really bad! When you complain about a bad product you suddenly find others that experienced what you did. I opened a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce today […]

Life as a shit show is exhausting but also incredibly exuberant and rewarding beyond belief! General fun, debauchery, and awe inspiring moves will make your life worth writing about. Being a beautiful mess and delectable disaster is a full time job. People look to me for amusement and escape from the mundane. I am usually […]

Don’t panic. No, actually, its ok to panic! There are a few moments in life that are completely mortifying. This is one of them if you deal with it improperly. That awkward moment when your current squeeze meets yesterdays squeeze and has no fucking idea. Of course it makes sense that people you are attracted […]