Writer Perk #37: Pre-release tunes in my inbox. I’d never heard of Magneta Lane, and opted to set aside the bio for later, uploaded the goodies to my MP3 and headed out for a stroll. I was boppin’ and smilin’ in no time. Despite the ridiculous cold and layers of clothes, I was suddenly transported […]

Her name was Jyoti Singh Pandey. The attack reads like a cross between a depraved nightmare and a bathsalts bad trip: Jyoti, a 23 year old physiotherapy student and her male companion  are trapped on a moving bus, repeatedly and violently violated, beaten and discarded, naked and bleeding. Then the assailants try to run Jyoti […]

Here we are again: pushing through crowds to buy crap, squeezing in mandatory generosity and “quality time” with people we moved away from for clear and sometimes talk show worthy reasons, or locked into awkward, hopefully drunken, office parties where you can leave with an adequate amount of regret and sugar cookies. Still, people get […]

Steve vai

“Don’t stand in front of my amps if you want to have children one day.” – Steve Vai “I think it’s more than awesome when you still have that buzzing in your ears.” – post show thoughts from a first time concert goer It’s not that I’ve ever had a conscious affinity for guitarists; I’ve […]