While I and most would prefer to jet off to faraway lands during a Montreal January, many of us get our holidays during the summer months. We in the Montreal area have an admitted problem with our (lack of a) transportation corridor between downtown and the Dorval Airport *caugh* Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (can I call it Petia?). Any well-off person will consider taking a taxi. Unfortunately they’ll likely fall victim to the constant traffic problems on the 20 autoroute

Tomorrow Canadians, Americans and citizens from around the world will take to the streets against our Conservative government’s decision to have Canadian marijuana activist Marc Emery extradited to the United States where he will be jailed. Rallies are even being planned in Berlin Germany, Auckland New Zealand and Lapu-Lapu in the Phillipines. Whichever side of the marijuana legalization debate one falls under, we should all realize that Marc Emery has broken the law. The problem here is that Marc is facing jail time under foreign laws in a foreign country for crimes he committed at home, here in Canada.

It might come as some surprise to many that Canada is in the middle of free-trade talks for a large-scale free trade agreement with the European Union. Obviously, we know that these talks have not been getting the same media coverage as prior agreements. They also have not generated the type of public outrage and mass-protests that we’ve seen in the past. The reality is that negotiations have been underway for over a year at the federal government level and that only recently have we been made aware of any specifics as draft text begins to be leaked out of secretive meetings