It probably comes as no big surprise, but Canada may be drastically off its emission targets, despite contrary promises from the government. Though the Harper government says Canada is halfway to reaching its 17% emissions reduction target by 2020, critics say the country has only cut emissions by as little as 3%. The devil, it seems, is in the details, according to CTV. The Montreal based environmentalist group Équiterre says the government is skewing the data to make it look more palatable.

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Though temperature changes of a few degrees of the earth’s surface might not sound like a lot, it will have a drastic impact on Canada’s geography. It is predicted that global climate change will result in almost 40 per cent of land-based ecosystems making changes from one ecological community type – such as forest, grasslands or tundra – toward another.

Five years ago, the Aamjiwnaang First Nation on the St. Clair River near Sarnia, Ontario made national headlines for their birth rates: between 1999 and 2003, only one third of babies born in the community were male. From 1995-2003, the male birth rate was still only 41% according to a study in Environmental Health Perspectives. The reason? Aamjiwnaang reserve is situated next to one of the most polluted areas in Canada…