Montreal has a great music scene. From the numerous summer festivals that draw international acts and audiences to the local dive bars that feature some of the city’s best homegrown bands year round, there’s plenty to hear. Even with this widespread, diverse palette of music offerings in town, one niche has been lacking in recent […]

It doesn’t take a long listen to Flying Lotus’ music to know that he plays by his own rules. The Los Angeles-based musician/producer/composer has always maintained a balance of mind-bending progressive soundscapes and playful eccentricities. His fifth album, You’re Dead! is no exception, immediately solidifying itself as perhaps his most concept-driven and sonically expansive record […]

Anyone who has ever listened to Trentemøller’s music knows that the Copenhagen-based producer’s sound is not easily classified. His new album Lost is no exception. Is it something to pump in the club or to play on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Is it possible that it’s both? Perhaps it doesn’t quite matter what we should […]

Life can be unpredictable. As much as we try to plan for every possibility, new curve balls are constantly being thrown at us. Perhaps we should simply embrace the uncertainty of it all and clutch every moment we experience. This is precisely what the Toronto/Winnipeg based Grand Analog does on their forthcoming album Modern Thunder, […]

If Krystale is a machine as she claims, she is one that has soul. That was a terrible pun, but it highlights a theme of the Montreal singer’s new album Machine. She continually navigates a balance between warm, romantic vocal delivery and cold, withholding lyrical content. The dichotomy creates an exciting, diverse set that will satisfy […]

rusbank.netLet there be some clarity on the state of D’Angelo. R&B Jesus still has it. The singer and multi-instrumentalist made his first appearance in Montreal at the Olympia Theater on Thursday night and proved why he received that dramatic nickname. Those in attendance witnessed what the world missed for those 12 years he stayed out […]