The 2013 single Brainwash, a sublime little piece of surf and psych-influenced indie pop, was the last time I’d really heard any major buzz from La Luz. Since then, La Luz has had an undeniably strange past few years. Lead singer Shana Cleveland took time off to release a solo record, original bassist Abby Blackwell […]

Before beginning their final track of the evening, Shame, Young Fathers’ vocalist G Hastings takes centre stage; for a fleeting moment, it feels like I’ve left the concert hall and entered some kind of mystical protest site—part political and part spiritual. With an austere look cast across his face, Hastings delivers the statement: “We are […]

On Friday, January 22nd and Saturday, January 23rd, I attended the Entertainment Management Conference, held at Sid Lee’s in Downtown Montreal. Now in its fourth year, the event was designed to allow emerging young professionals in on some of the trade secrets “behind the business that fuels culture.” Run by a talented cast of students […]

Last Friday evening at the Corona Theatre looked like a scene straight out of Cameron Crowe’s acclaimed rock n’ roll drama Almost Famous. The venue was packed to the brim with rowdy, power-chord-hungry teenagers sporting long, greasy hair and leather Iron Maiden jackets. And if I had a nickel for every time that I saw […]

Montreal is internationally known as a cultural mosaic; the city’s diverse forms of artistic expression draw from Quebec’s Francophone roots, urban centres such as Toronto, as well as various locations both in the United States and Europe. So it really isn’t a shocker that Montreal’s musical scene is brimming with talent­­ you may recall that […]