Special Guest Samantha Gold talks about getting vaccinated against COVID-19 in Quebec, Premier François Legault’s comments on Montreal rental prices and more with host Jason C. McLean Follow Samantha Gold on Facebook @samiamart & Instagram @samiamartistmtl Follow Jason C. McLean on Twitter @jasoncmclean Book your Quebec vaccine appointment through Clic Santé according to the schedule

Host Jason C. McLean is joined by Stephanie Laughlin and Jerry Gabriel of the Professors of Pop Podcast to talk about this year’s Academy Awards: predictions for the major categories, what the event might be like and controversies or lack thereof. Follow Professors of Pop on Instagram @41productionsfilms Follow Jason C. McLean on Twitter @jasoncmclean

Activist Sam Hersh joins Jason C. McLean to talk about the NDP’s Palestine Resolution, which he and a group of Palestinian and Jewish activists helped pass with 80% support at last weekend’s convention and the ensuing reaction from NDP leadership and others. Follow Sam Hersh on Twitter @SamHersh01 Follow Jason C. McLean on Twitter @jasoncmclean

This Saturday, Niki Ashton will be taking part in a Zoom Conference with former British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn called Building Solidarity. The progressive NDP MP and Niall Ricardo of Independent Jewish Voices discuss the conference and the controversy surrounding it with host Jason C. McLean. Building Solidarity: A Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn and Niki […]

Host Jason C. McLean and Special Guest Niall Clapham Ricardo discuss Canada’s Parliament voting for the Conservative Party motion to declare China’s treatment of the Uighur minority a genocide. Is this genuine concern for what is a real and tragic situation or is it political brinksmanship setting up the next Cold War? Are we ignoring […]

Jason C. McLean and Special Guest Dawn McSweeney go through the week’s big news stories: Quebec Premier François Legault injects himself into the campus “free speech” debate and considers restricting English school enrollment. What Montreal events and festivals will go online in 2021 and which will happen in person? Ted Cruz leaves Texas freezing. Justin […]

Jason C. McLean and Dawn McSweeney discuss the federal, provincial and municipal governments’ responses to the COVID pandemic. They cover the curfew, museums re-opening, summer street terrasses, outsourcing benefit service and more. Dawn McSweeney is an author and occasional FTB contributor. Follow her on Twitter @mcmoxy Jason C. McLean is the Editor-in-Chief of forgetthebox.net Follow […]