On Sunday, January 18, around 300 people gathered in Place Émilie-Gamelin, in remembrance of the thousands of people murdered by Boko Haram, a militant insurgent group active in Nigeria. Active since 2002, the group has killed nearly 10,000 people in 2014, and has caused nearly 1,5 million people to escape from their homes. Boko Haram came […]

On Sunday, January 11, thousands of people marched the streets of Montreal, to protest and remember the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, France. More than 3,000 people walked the streets of Montreal in silence that afternoon. I’ve been to a few Police and Firefighter funerals and it was the same atmosphere minus the pipes and […]

Thousands of Montrealers braved the rains yesterday to speak up about climate change. This was one of many demonstrations held around the world leading up to UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon’s World Climate Summit to be held in New York City. FTB’s Gerry Lauzon was at the Montreal march and brings us these pictures (CLICK […]