Star Trek. Seeing those words flash across a backdrop of stars used to light up my face. I loved watching Star Trek, the original version on the CBC. The tapes were out of whack, the colour was usually off, but I was in nerd heaven. I was just kid watching those shows on Sunday morning, […]

I had the clown nightmare again. This time I was marching towards a shinny carousel surrounded by darkness. Some unknown magnetic force was pulling me towards the musical octagon, so I couldn’t get away, my feet were locked, moving forward. I stepped up the carousel step, a very large awkward step, and sat down in […]

Lately they’re everywhere! From the moans coming off the T.V. show playing in your living room to flash mobs of the undead crawling down the streets of your city to the insatiable hordes tearing each other to pieces outside the plate glass windows of Walmart on Black Friday, Zombies are definitely invading. Just a few […]

While considering this week’s keyword search for Blog on Blog, I got thinking about the untimely death of Aaron Swartz and his method of protest, hacktivism. While many may not agree with Swartz’s reasoning for releasing thousands of academic journals from JSTOR,  the co-founder of Reddit’s suicide was undoubtedly a terrible tragedy. I’m not going […]

Now that Movember is coming to an end, it’s time to recap all the really interesting and off beat blogs about what happens when men attempt to grow out their facial hair. Today’s Blog on Blog is here to cut through the many sites dedicated to those who know what to do, those that don’t, and those who make growing a mustache a very strange experience.

Print is not dead. The Montreal Exopozine is just one example of how print culture is flourishing, but sort of becoming a niche. It’s unique and independent, but that’s not a bad thing. In its 11th year, Canada’s biggest zine fair and one of North America’s largest small press fairs will take place at its usual spot, 5035 St. Dominique (in the church) and will have a room full of counters filled with print from a variety of groups and individuals. Expect over 270 creative independent publications…