Toronto singer songwriter Amber just dropped her latest album, Tall Tales. The opening track “Grave Robber” comes on like a Tom Waits tune with ragged trumpets and that lurching 20’s swing. You can tell right away that Amber plays the keys well and has an ear for recording piano tracks. I found the keys on Teardrop […]

I went down to old MTL to talk with Allie X about her new album ColliXion. She’s doing a residency at the Phi Centre, recording some new tracks and fleshing out concepts. While listening to her EP I picked up on a lot of tongue and cheek references to addiction and sedation. These conceptual themes […]

  Aiesha Robinson has a penchant for taking difficult situations and life circumstances and turning them into a viable means to connect with other people. I think that kind of alchemy is really wise and inspiring. Aiesha is the CEO and founder of the Montreal based non-profit organization Born to Rise. But she wasn’t always […]