As the sweat poured down my back during my bike ride home and I struggled to breathe in the haze of humid air, I came to one conclusion: summer seems to have finally arrived here in Montreal and all I see around me are babes, babes, babes! This city’s sweltering heat seems to bring out […]

It’s that time of the year when many Montrealers scour the streets for boxes and scramble to rent overpriced trucks in search of a slightly better deal on a living space. Yes, it’s almost Moving Day, and it will be a particularly eventful one for me, as I will be moving in with my boyfriend, […]

“Long live the topless jihad against infidels!  Our tits are deadlier than your stones!” – Inna Shevchenko Members of the radical feminist collective Femen are using their bodies as a weapon against patriarchy by scrawling slogans across their bare breasts and staging protests across Europe. One brave young Tunisian woman was recently threatened to death […]

I once had a friend who could queef on command. The first time I saw her perform this uniquely feminine, though certainly not ladylike, bodily function was in front of three gay men. They giggled with glee and disbelief as she popped their queef cherry. A queef, also known as vaginal flatulence, a vart, a […]

It’s been nearly 80 years since Dorothy Parker summed it up for bespectacled ladies everywhere with her astute quip, “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses”. While eye wear fashion has evolved aesthetically since the Great Depression, the sentiment surrounding wearing them, particularly for women, remains as archaic as ever. I never felt […]

A new year always seems like a good time for a fresh start. But why does it seem that making New Year’s resolutions is almost as common as breaking them? New Year’s resolutions have existed since the time of ancient Babylon when people would make promises to the gods about paying back debts and returning […]