Men aren’t the only ones who can give the gift of pleasure this holiday season. Many men enjoy sex toys as much as, or even more than women, but might be more reticent to admit it, making Christmas the perfect time to spoil him. If he’s a newbie or needs a little help getting past his ego, you can initiate him into the satisfaction of incorporating a few pleasure objects into his sexual repertoire.

I think it’s safe to say that sex toys are more popular now than ever. Shows like Sex and the City gave them mainstream culture recognition by featuring female characters talking candidly about their experiences with them. E. L. James’ wildly popular 50 Shades of Grey trilogy took it even a step further by introducing S&M into the equation. Even the recent NHL lockout was deemed partially responsible for a 15% jump in sex toy sales at an Edmonton store that peddles to couples looking to “expand their horizons”.

This time last year, if you had told me that you could pull off a hilarious holiday-themed musical with only 24 hours of rehearsal time, I would have thought you were crazy. Most plays, even amateur ones, have a rehearsal period of months, giving those involved plenty of time to hone their craft, perfect their lines and master their cues. But last December, the crazy crew at Glam Gam Productions successfully pulled it off with the first annual 24-hour XXX Mystery Cabaret Show.

It has been two whole years since I first invited you to join my sex life and what an adventurous and interesting time it’s been. Spanning a variety of topics over one hundred pieces, I’ve been able to do one of my favorite things – go at it from a bunch of different angles. All joking aside, that is one of the things I like most about writing this column. Some pieces are personal observations from my personal life or events I attend, while others are reporting news issues relating to sexuality or gender politics in Canada and around the world…

According to Forbes magazine, I am scientifically less likely to become famous now that I’ve turned 30. I guess deep down, I always knew this day was coming. I mean, I’ve had a taste of fame that left me wanting more after being recognized at the odd party for my burlesque booty shaking or my wry and witty take on sex and relationships, but I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a celebrity.

Ever since I can remember, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, as it combines two of my all-time favorite things: dressing up and candy! When I was really young and before my brother and sister were in the picture, I always dressed up and went trick-or-treating with my dad in home-sewn costumes that had to be big enough to fit over my snowsuit. Growing up in Saskatchewan, I can’t remember a single Halloween where there wasn’t at least a foot of snow on the ground.

A ripped blonde muscle man in golden booty shorts, a transsexual mad scientist with a propensity for boldly expressing himself through song, a tap dancing beauty whose iridescent sequins glimmer like twinkling fireflies and a set of sexy phantoms clad in black lace – sounds like my kind of people! Who wouldn’t want to come across this motley crew in a dark castle in the middle of the woods on a rainy night…

I recently started a new relationship with a very wonderful lover who has brought some interesting and imaginative ideas to the bedroom that I’d never tried before. He seemed a bit taken aback that these relatively minor league acts were not part of my repertoire. “But you’re a sex columnist!” he joked. “Just because I’m a sex columnist doesn’t mean I’ve done everything,” I responded. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean I’m interested in everything either.

When you think of depictions of blowjobs in porn, words like “art” and “sensual” aren’t exactly what comes to mind first, unless you’re local entrepreneuse Camille Crimson, a self-proclaimed “geeky redhead blowjob expert”. Born and raised in Montreal, Camille developed, designed and runs a number of websites including and where she makes erotic films with her long-term partner that focus on the sensuality and passion of the act.

For pretty much as long as I can remember, I’ve always been hopelessly attracted to musicians, specifically of the rock & roll persuasion. While other high school girls fantasized about Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, I idolized the feathered hair, open shirt and sexy swagger of Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin. His poster still graces my wall next to my desk, a black and white, cock-emphasizing shot from a downward angle. It may be because I lost my virginity listening to “Whole Lotta Love”, but there’s just something about the way he croons “baby, baby, baby” that gets my motor running. Yet as I’ve grown older, although my crush on Plant persists, I’m more in awe of the fast fingers of lead guitarist Jimmy Page.

magine, for a moment, that you’re having really hot sex – your heart is racing, you’re panting with anticipation and your entire body is shaking with pleasure. Suddenly, right at the moment of orgasm instead of blissful satisfaction, you’re stuck with an intense, blinding headache. I recently learned of this condition and frankly it horrifies the hell out of me, as I’ve suffered from migraines for years and couldn’t possibly imagine having one of my least favorite things brought on by one of my absolute favorites.