Japote - real fast food in the Faubourg

There’s something depressing about witnessing Sainte Catherine Street’s potential-ridden Faubourg slowly and steadily decline, year after year. Even the meagre optimism sparked by Grumman 78’s presence quickly disintegrated in 2012. The food court–impossibly–churns on with stalwarts like Bangkok and Yuki Ramen, but empty retail space has been outpacing fresh menu items for almost a decade. Rejoice. Japote, a stall […]

Many dream of opening a restaurant. Unfortunately, cash, logistics and a litany of permits can nip that dream in the bud. But for Montréal cooks and eaters, World Restaurant Day has brought salvation. The world’s “biggest food carnival” touches down in Montéal again next Sunday, August 17, from noon until midnight, enabling 34 would-be restauranteurs to to share their “cuisine éphémère.” We’re […]

This is Part Three in our series on innovative, socially-minded Montréal food start-ups! Check out Parts One and Two!  Two cat cafés are set to open this summer in Montréal. If all goes to according to schedule, Montréal’s Café Chat L’Heureux and Le Café des Chats Montréal will be the first two permanent cafés of their kind in North America. […]

The French term for sustainable is durable. The word, in many ways, evokes something more than just environmental attention or corporate buzz-speak. We’re brought to think of things lasting, enduring, persisting, radiating outward to all the circles to whom they serve. For Samara Davis, durability is a daily motivation. After finding herself out of a […]

Gallons of rain and new beer characterized the 21st edition of the Mondial de la Bière at Palais des congrès. While I didn’t have the liver (or the cash) to sample all 270 premières on tap, I still managed to round up a short list of “solid bets” to last you through the year to come. So file them away for next time you intend to spice up […]

We’re nearing beer o’clock. More specifically, we’re nearing the most highly-anticipated 60 hour stretch of conspicuous beer consumption of the year. It’s called the Mondial de la Bière. Unlike your average worknight, where access to Porto Alegre or Farnham microbrews can be tricky to say the least, a quick métro ride will suffice to sample over 500 types of […]

For years now in Montréal, I’ve only been able to find good biryani at friend’s homes. Some would say that’s because proper biryani must be home-made, preferably with love, affection and patience—and eaten immediately. It’s true that the subtly-oiled grains of basmati do not age gently. Leave them out a few hours and flaky becomes crunchy, an altogether unpleasant quality for most grains […]

Koshary (L) and ful (R) go excellently together as starters

Perched atop Anatolia, a purveyor of Nutella pizza on rue St-Mathieu is the de facto hidden gem. It’s got all the required attributes: nonexistent street presence, unpretetentious dining room and a wealth of unexplored flavours. What’s more, it’s very rare, if not unheard of, to find an Egyptian restaurant in the heart of downtown Montreal. Once you make it up the stairs and […]

Annexe St-Ambroise in St-Henri, inside

For fans of the majestic—yet fleetingly-open—Terrasse St-Ambroise, this was a landmark weekend. After a soft launch on Friday, the historic McAuslan brewery flung the doors open to a brand-new pub: Annexe St-Ambroise. Spurred on by devout local Terrasse clientele, I was on hand to check out the new Annexe St-Ambroise in its first evening of regular operation. […]