Humans are complicated beings, especially when it comes to sex. We’ve developed all kinds of weird hang-ups, guilt complexes, attachments, detachments and, of course, fetishes. Now, most fetishes are fairly innocuous; people like to be dressed up, degraded, hurt, walked on, worshiped, foot fucked, tied up, whipped. No big deal really. However, and this is […]

If you love hip hop then don’t miss out on the second annual Festival de Hip Hop Montreal. This year’s line up boasts big names from Quebec, France and the states. The festival kicked off Thursday, March 28th with the always popular Hip Hop Karaoke at Le Belmont on Saint Laurent. Tonight (Friday) you can […]

Love Hip Hop Karaoke? Want to win some free stuff? Well you’ve come to the right place! ForgetTheBox has teamed up with the fine folks of HHK Montreal to give you the chance to win a swag pack that includes two tickets to the next HHK event, a large, black, men’s WESC hoodie and a sweet pair […]

I was wasting time on facebook the other day when I came across a post one of my friends had commented on. It was a picture of three women of different proportions, all attractive, all Caucasian, each with a number Photoshopped onto her body. The question the poster, Atomik Nutrition St-Eustache, asked was which body […]