I adore watching documentaries. In fact, I hardly ever watch another genre of film. This week, I saw an excellent documentary called Vegucated. Highly informative, funny and entertaining, Vegucated chronicles the lives of three New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for a period of six weeks as part of a social experiment. During […]

It’s the beautiful, hot, spectacular month of July in Montreal and home gardens are in full bloom! The tomatoes are not quite ready yet – we have to patiently wait until August for them to be vine-ripened to perfection. But other lovely delights like all kinds of lettuce, kale, broccoli, celery, hot peppers, onions and […]

  Is there anything more versatile than pasta? With so many different varieties, relatively short preparation time, wonderful sauces for every occasion and mood, and so many ways of serving it, pasta must be the most common go to meal in our society. This week, to celebrate the sun, lovely warm weather, and my vegan […]

  Superfood is a term used to describe food with an exceptionally high phytonutrient content considering its calories per serving. In other words, when you eat superfoods, you are getting the highest possible nutrition from every calorie you consume. They are a class of the most potent, concentrated and nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Some […]

Inspired by my Italian heritage, I really wanted to veganize one of my favorite classic Sunday lunch dishes: meatballs. I grew up with the smell of tomato sauce and “polpette” (meatballs) slowly cooking stovetop every Sunday morning. Those were the first irresistible aromas, sizzling sounds and bright colors that seduced me into the completely mesmerizing world of […]

I have a seriously delicious, creamy vegetable casserole recipe to share with you this week. The best part is that you can add and substitute vegetables you like best – no rules, except: make sure you add plenty of greens! The mushroom sauce I created for this one, combined with the noodles, gives it almost a “mac […]

As the warmer weather sets in, we don’t have to leave our beans and legumes on the side for next winter. We can prepare them in lighter ways, like in tasty salads. When I made that scrumptious lentil loaf, I had extra cooked lentils and beans. The following day, I pulled them out of the […]

Last week, I shared with you five popular myths regarding veganism. Here are five more and my attempts to address them: 6. A vegan diet does nothing to help major world problems like pollution, global warming, world hunger, water waste, etc. This is completely inaccurate. With respect to pollution and global warming, by adopting a plant-based diet, […]

Veganism is a lifestyle choice which excludes consuming animals and all animal-derived foods and products. While vegetarians typically avoid just flesh foods, vegans also abstain from dairy, eggs, honey, as well as leather and fur, and all other products or activities that cause suffering to animals, such as circuses and zoos. With only about 1% […]