Salt Spring Island a place that can fit in the palm of your hand but so vast with interesting characters that have a good thing going and live life on their terms. People intertwined with nature on their island home and not only aware of the possibilities the universe has to offer but tuning in making the world around them a better place. Here are but a few of SSI’s bright and shining. In this article I will give you but a bite in a pie that is growing everyday as people flock here from all over the world.

This is the first in a series of articles that will be published bimonthly to let everyone in on one of Canada’s best kept secrets, “Salt Spring Island” aka: SSI. SSI is a cornucopia of great artistic talent from all over the world. People flock to SSI from the far reaches of the planet, find paradise and never want to leave. So far during my stay I have met many musicians, film producers, painters, pottery makers, glass blowers, sculptors, clothing designers, fire spinners, circus performers and the list goes on and on. The one thing that makes this place special is that almost everyone are on the same page when it comes to sustainable and ecological living and most importantly what we can do individually and as a group to make it a better cleaner world to live in.