MEG Boat

Last Saturday, over 800 hundred people stood waiting in line at dock 13 of the Alexandria pier in Montreal’s old port to board a cruise ship for a four hour party on the Saint Lawrence river. Flashes from cameras and smartphones popped under the sky, illuminating the enormous line as people posed for photos with […]

igloofest fixmer

Montreal’s Igloofest has grown up significantly over the past six years and this year is by far it’s most stand out year yet. Last Saturday ticket booths suddenly closed, over capacity. To the frustration of hundreds of festival goers, all entrances and exits to Igloofest were now closed as they had achieved a historical admittance of just over 10,000 people. This edition’s line up exploded off the official website in an array of bright colours and cheeky models promoting the festival’s snow suit contest. *Edit: Tonight’s closing event is sold-out before even starting!!!

Who is Dave, what does he do, why should we care?

When David Lortie began promoting events for Montreal’s hip-hop and turntablism scene he was an eager, fresh faced seventeen year old who was doing it solely because he was passionate about the music he loved. Much has changed since those early days, however Lortie’s passion and enthusiasm for event promotion and planning has not been dampened…