Barry MacPherson is an outstanding artist currently working in Montreal. His work takes you on an emotional journey so compelling that one cannot help feeling the awe inspiring admiration which I would usually associate with Abstract Expressionism. However, Barry’s pieces are far from abstract, they are figurative in all aspects, and yet they are not mere copies of nature and real life, they bring with them such ferocious force of feeling that you cannot look away.

Montreal Art Centre located at 1844 William offers artists a tremendous opportunity to work and exhibit for a very reasonable price, and many have been quick to take advantage of these openings. The exhibition spaces are large and full of light, making them perfect for showcasing paintings and sculptures. The artist range from the professional to beginners and the centre offers facilities that fittingly accommodate their needs.

At Guggenheim New York next week there will be a reading of the infamous Picasso’s surrealistic play Le Désir attrapé par la queue to coincide with the gallery’s Black and White Exhibition of the artist. The play which will be staged on the 8th and 15th of October is directed by Anne Bogart. The cast performing includes the writer John Guare, […]

Montreal Comiccon 2012 was bustling with people of all ages and from all persuasions, gathering to celebrate one our generation’s greatest contributions to the art of storytelling and entertainment. The beauty of the event was the lack of a unifying theme; indeed Comiccon covered all genres from comic books and graphic novels which in themselves can be subsections into numerous categories, to sci-fi, films and television programs which have achieved or are gaining fashionable status amongst the content savvy audiences.

I walk into a painting class organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as part of their Activities after forking over nearly $300 at the front desk. I greet all other art enthusiasts with a warm smile and exchange pleasantries. After a while the teacher, a dishevelled lady sporting a shabby attire walks in and welcomes everyone in French, and I, being in this great city long enough to know a few words, say a hearty “bonjour”, taking delight in managing to sound authentic…

On the corner of St-Hubert and Boulevard Rosemont in Montreal rests the important gallery Art Mûr which for the past eight years has taken it upon itself to exhibit one of the most significant events in Canada’s Fine Arts students’ lives. This elegant three story space has housed some of the most innovative, extraordinarily creative works the Canadian young artists have ever produced, and this year the gallery has outdone itself. 42 students from 11 universities have participated on the recommendation of their teachers who handpicked the artists based on their ability and vision, and the result is beguiling…

Robert Hughes, the Australian born art critic and writer passed away this week at the age of 74. He was by far the best critic of our time dedicating his life to expressing the unwavering truth about art. He seldom got it wrong and never stooped to sugar-coating mediocrity. His writing was on par with the best of them and he played with language like a well versed poet. His books include: “Things I Didn’t Know”; “The Shock of the New”; “Rome: A Cultural, Visual and Personal History” and “Goya” to name a few.,,