Bad Cop, No Donut: Buffalo Police Officer Suspended for Vines

Buffalo Police Officer and veteran Richard Hy has been suspended without pay for posting videos on the internet while in uniform (even if it was not his official uniform). He can be suspended unpaid for up to 30 days.

It’s silly that this man is even on our radar. There is a Buffalo Police Officer who recently overdosed on heroin, a little more news worthy than a social media blow out.

Hy posts comedic videos on the social app Vine under the alias Angry Cops. He shows himself taking cocaine from the evidence locker with powder on his face (the image that I recreated for this article), pretends to shoot someone, jokes about prison rape or people overdosing on drugs while showing needles outside of the courthouse, sings songs about being on duty, and more. I was instantly inspired to parody this yo yo on stage.

buffalo cop Richard Hy

He was warned, kept on creating videos, and is now facing the consequences. Even if you think his videos are funny you have to put your palm to face in honor of his blatant ignorance.

“Bad cop, no donut” is a bumper sticker that seems appropriate right now. Officer Richard Hy responded online with “I guess cops can’t be funny or have a life outside of being emotionless robots.”

Many of the more incriminating Vines, including the one about cocaine, have been removed from his account, you can see them in this video from WIBV News. There is an outcry in the comments from both supporters (someone even started a go fund me for him while he is suspended) and people who are calling him a criminal for this.

Badges don’t (donut) grant extra rights, right? To serve and protect, bro, that’s whats up. Police officers have a responsibility to respect and help everyday people who are “abiding by the laws”. These people in uniform are just that, people, flesh and blood, they have feelings, families, stories, and souls (I would hope). Yes, their lives matter too.

We are not yet run by machines, just humans with guns and egos. These humans make mistakes just like anyone else, excessive use of force and abuse of “power” are too common in our society.

Everyone has watched the re-runs of COPS: power hungry officers tazing drunk people and small time crooks, getting snakes out of attics, breaking up domestic train wrecks, rounding up hookers in cube vans, lots of drug possession, people hiding in the strangest places, dogs biting, guns drawn, reading the rights, a few car chases, sweaty running scenes, and maybe some comedic effect, even if its unintentional. Manly mustached men with beer bellies and very serious lesbian cops swinging their billy clubs in the name of what’s right.

Some police officers want to humanize the force and make people realize that cops are just people too, break down stereotypes. There is even a website called where cops want to connect more to the public. I want officers to speak their minds and connect to people in other more meaningful ways.

Why don’t they get into the community when things are good and not only when crime is happening? We should love our “protectors” and not fear them. There doesn’t need to be a stern, mean imagine. Police officers need to learn how to be a little bit more lovable. Plant some trees, feed people, get involved in the communities they serve.

Know who your audience is, social media doesn’t go away. Posting goofy videos on the internet is not going to make me feel more connected to the police force. I am not offended or amused, mostly annoyed because there are bigger issues to talk about.

It makes sense to me, everyone is so obsessed with social media and fame that they don’t realize what an impact it has on the real world. It is a way for people to connect. But acting like you shot someone for being out of vacation days is disconcerting or dehumanizing someone with a drug addiction by mocking them. That is not positive.

Of course I believe in freedom of speech and do not agree with censorship. However certain positions require a little bit more tact and adulting. Being a police officer is serious business, lives are in your hands. I want you to have fun and laugh, but you need to respect your job and the people you serve.

There has to be a better way for officers to release negative energy. Suicide and drug use are common among police officers, they see and deal with some crazy and horrible stuff on a daily basis. Dark humor happens in all serious professions, just most people don’t post for the world to see.

Nobody follows every rule at work, we all have the right to joke around sometimes, but not all of us are cops. The fantasy sexy cop is way further from impersonating an officer than actually impersonating Richard Hy.

cocaine is one hell of a drug

I literally copied a screen shot of this man and did makeup to look like him. The sexy cop is a costume just as the stern professional cop is not real, Richard Hy is a real cop putting on costumes and being a dork. I obviously approve of Vines, but don’t ever mock someone for overdosing on drugs or joke about real world things while on my dime, be a role model or be a fucking comedian.

The publicity is causing a spike in views on his videos. Hell I even watched them. Richard Hy should just retire and become a internet sensation, welcome to virility officer, bask in your remaining 13 minutes of fame. He makes fun of himself and comments on society in general.

There are officers who commit much bigger offenses, like um, well how about shooting innocent children, using excessive force with the homeless or disabled, bashing down a protester, breaking down a door with no warrant and terrorizing a family, or just plain being an asshole while giving you a speeding ticket.

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