Bedbugs II

There is a war on between a certain species of insect and many North Americans.   It currently seems that the insects are winning this war by a longshot. Their bites have detrimental psychological and physiological effects and are pretty much some kind of weapon concocted for the   purpose of irritating and itching out the enemy. In this case, the enemy is us.

As Humans, we are constantly under attack by other species, most of which are too small for us to see with the naked eye. Some of these creatures are a bit larger and can be seen if they come out into the open. We still usually will not take any notice of them, as they are good at hiding.

The infestation is still continuing. I can’t afford another exterminator’s visit and I can’t afford to replace all the furniture I have left. Besides, they’re nesting inside the walls. They’ve taken my whole block and are eating me alive at night, causing me much irritation and insomnia.

In fact, I didn’t get any sleep at all tonight and now I’m a wreck for work. I work with heavy machinery, so that’s a very bad thing. I must’ve killed twenty or thirty of the little buggers tonight, so far…

Of course I’m talking about bedbugs.   Bedbugs should’ve been wiped out back in the 50’s with DDT. DDT, along with bug bombs, are now illegal. Now, insecticides seem to be useless. Like a virus, they’ve mutated and now thrive on the stuff.

You can see and maybe kill off some of the adult insects, but the female insects drop around 300 eggs each and every night. The eggs soon hatch and infestation gets a lot worse very fast. They keep multiplying too fast to cope with and they scatter whenever action is taken against them.

And they can turn deadly. One can easily develop an allergy to their constant bites and that allergic reaction can become fatal.

It is creatures like this that make me believe that perhaps Satan can create as well and created these sinister, disease-like creatures to torment us to no end. These creatures are tiny vampires, feeding only upon our blood. They pose no benefit and predators won’t eat them.

Getting rid of them usually ends up with them simply migrating to the next room or the next apartment, only to re-infest at a later time. Their timing is devilish.

I don’t normally believe in extinctions as a good thing but I make an exception here!
I think I might be repeating myself here…

Instead of sleeping I’m being kept awake by these things and the itchy rashes they leave behind. And I’m writing this rant at 5:30 in the morning.

Every shipping container is fumigated before it is released, however, bedbugs seem to thrive on this fumigation. Either international travel, along with a drastic increase in imports has likely brought bedbugs back into North America or some severely evil genetic engineering has been going on…

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