Sexy Comedy: The Blood Ballet Cabaret Gets Ready to Play Just for Laughs

This year, we’re covering Just For Laughs, arguably one of the larger festivals in town. So how does a site dedicated to all things indie and unknown (or sort of known) delve into the well-charted waters of an institution that have been flowing through the streets of Montreal and bringing some of the top comedic talent from around the world to our shores for three decades? Simple, we start with what we know.

We know the Blood Ballet Cabaret. We’ve been covering them since their early days, back when they were a ragtag group of sexy misfits strutting the stage of Le Belmont for the first time.

We followed them as they played on and played with various themes, teasing the genres to the point of excitement in a very creative way. From classic childhood tales, to high school stereotypes, to horror and even the realm of musical theatre, the BBC brought the goods.

Now, still a ragtag group of sexy misfits, but also an up-and-coming player on Montreal’s burlesque scene, they’re ready for JFL. But is JFL ready for them, and moreover what can you, as a festival goer, expect?

Well, from experience, I can say that there will be highly creative and incredibly sexy burlesque dances. There will also be wild contortionist feats and maybe a bit of aerial acrobatics if Petite Pandora has her way.

Blood ballet Musical
The Lady Josephine as Hedwig in the Musical show

There will be humour too (this is, after all, a comedy festival). The funny stuff will be found in the dance numbers themselves, as the BBC always mixes in a healthy dose of levity in their concepts and scenes. It will also come in the form of frequently inappropriate (under normal circumstances though fitting for this setting) jokes from emcee Sherwin.

If that sounds vague, well, it’s because you never really know what you’ll find at a BBC show until you go and find it yourself. You have a few chances this comedy fest, so there’s really no excuse.

The Blood Ballet Cabaret in the Just for Laughs Festival runs Sunday, July 15th to Monday, July 26th, 8pm and 9:30pm @ Club Comédie Air Canada, Esplanade de la Place des Arts. Tickets available via

* Photo by Chris Zacchia

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