Bragging millionaires and my gang of idiots

Sorry to be such a downer...

Good morning everybody. It’s Monday again…

Time for…

“Laurence Rants.”

My name is Laurence, and I’m the uptight, right-wing SOB who complains about everything. I like to hang around with a group that I affectionately, and up until now secretly, referred to as my ‘gang of idiots.’ I’m no leader, but I fancy myself one. I’m told that my intelligence quotient slightly above average, hovering at 120 or so, so naturally I consider myself just as stupid as most of my friends, if not stupider. I have one friend who seems better-adjusted than most. He has a stable, well paying job, lives in a nice house, and his IQ is only around 90. Conclusion: Stupidity is prized in today’s society.

In fact, we’re probably all above the average level of intelligence, heck, we’re probably all geniuses, except that we seem to mostly be stricken with A.D.D., A.D.H.D., P.O.V.E.R.T.Y., as well an assortment of monopolar, stereopolar, and surround-sound polarization diseases, not to mention the 6th sense, the 7th sense, and the senselessness that our group often finds itself in.

Even though, at the moment, I’m an unemployed broke-ass, I at least try to pull my own weight. Unfortunately I’m not always able to do so. I often have to take the flak for other people’s mistakes, errors, or oversights, along with my own. Heck, I often have had several people yelling at me because of their own mistakes!

What can I do? I live in a world of micromanagement where the things that go right are usually unacknowledged and the few things that go wrong are generally overreacted to and often results in some form of being punished. Sometimes I feel like I’m being punished for nothing. That was the original punishment, now I’m being punished for being punished!

I haven’t exactly had an easy life, and I’ve made a hell of a lot of mistakes over the years, but just the same, I deserve better than to feel like all this time I’ve been struggling to pay everyone else’s dues while my own went unpaid and therefore, I get no benefit. Seems to me that so far, I’ve been getting a raw deal out of life.

I know, I’m kind of a downer, especially on a Monday. Yes, I’m often depressed, especially by the situation I’m stuck in. Yes, I have anger issues, yes, I often feel extremely frustrated with the world and constantly thwarted by the life I’m currently living and the fact that I’m not very well off.

To that idiot from the party I was at on my birthday who tried to kick me down his stairs, you should have to live through the hardships I already have, and I should only have good things happen to me from now on.   I know, life isn’t fair. Those kids who bullied me in high school are now bragging millionaires whose children are now bullies. What a life.

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