Bran Van, Thank You Mam

This year we fell backstage with Bran Van 3000 at the M for Montreal Festival. Yeah, well I’m not normally “cool enough” to hang out with a band backstage – but I accidentally got pushed back there, so I listened to the band talk, and enjoyed a few beers!

Bran Van 3000 are great group who are legendary in the Montreal music scene. Ever since making it big with their hit Drinking in LA, which, by the way was originally entitled Drinking in Longeuil, they’ve been touring and bringing their eclectic sound to adoring fans everywhere. (I don’t know how much fun drinking in a metro or on the South Shore would be?)

Bran Van doesn’t release albums very often, in fact they’ve only released 4 albums since 1994. Which makes a Bran Van album release kinda like getting laid in the back of a Chevy, it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does – You’re really lucky!

M for Montreal brings together musicians, industry folk, photographers and music journalists and a bunch of them were chatting it up backstage after the show. James Di Salvio was there talking to the media about their tour and first new album out in years entitled The Garden (2010).

In a recent interview with Jamie O’Meara of the Montreal Gazette James Di Salvio, the founder of the group, describes the album as music for a theatrical performance involving a pre-historic shark, known as a Megalodon with the heart of a whale. If you can tell me what that means, I’d really like to know?   It’s probably something experimental. Yeah, experimental indeed.

Bran Van to me has always been a sort of experimentation in Soul, a style that I haven’t listened to much except for a few of the old 60s classics, and funk-laced 70s tunes; a kind of music that eluded me until I found Bran Van in the early 90s. They found a way to engage a myself and a generation in Soul and R&B, (I did had some reservations and serious nightmares caused by memories of the late-eighties/early-nineties boy bands) they projected originality, and regenerating a dusty genre. I really liked what they did. They took soul and somehow changed it .

Over the past 18 years Bran Van has found a way to always attract attention and still be relevant for so many fans in Montreal. That evening they put on a powerful, yet short performance. But it was a great way to end a busy evening of Montreal shows at the M For Montreal festival.This years M for Montreal had a pretty amazing line-up including some really impressive local talent: Uncle bad Touch, The Barr Brothers, Adam and the Amethysts, Anoraak, and Doldrums just to name a few.

They make music for people who want to make love to other people… and for sharks with whale hearts, what’s wrong with that?

Photos by Chris Zacchia
Check out the whole album from the show on ForgetTheBox’s FB page

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