BREAKING: Mubarak resigns!

Photo courtesy AFP

Amidst a “day of rage” which dwarfed previous protests, and following  Mubarak’s defiant refusal to cede power in a televised statement last night, the Egyptian strongman has finally resigned.

At this point details are scarce. We know that earlier today Mubarak left Cairo headed for Sharm-Al-Sheikh (an upscale resort city on Egypt’s coast), and only moments ago Vice-President Omar Suleiman appeared on national television and delivered a terse statement announcing that Mubarak had resigned and transferred power to the Supreme Council of the armed forces.

It appears to be a military coup of some sort, one fully supported by the people of Egypt.

At this point specifics are scarce but one thing is crystal clear: the Egyptian people have won. After 18 days of mass protest and revolutionary fervour the old man is gone and the people have won.

No matter what happens next, and the people must be watchful lest their revolution be coopted, the Egyptian people will never forget this victory, or their newfound ability to effect massive change.

Across Egypt the streets are filled with protesters who only hours ago were howling in rage and now are weeping with euphoria. There really is no way to describe the scenes coming across Al-Jazeera English right now. The happiness and ecstasy in the streets represents all those feelings and emotions which have been so brutally repressed for 30 years, exploding in joyful celebration.

Everyone is weeping, speaking of history, of their disbelief that this would happen in their lifetimes. “people power” is the oft repeated word on the street and nothing is stronger than the pride of all Egyptians right now. Pride in their success, in the courage of their countrymen and in a country which has finally found it’s voice.

We will see what the implications are in the coming days and hours and much remains to be seen. But right now, the only word to describe these developments is victory. Total victory.

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