Burlesque prevails in Buffalo Snowmageddon

The storm that was dubbed “the knife” buried Buffalo’s suburbs under record breaking tons of snow. People literally had snow packed over their doors and cars were completely gone. At least 13 people died due to the storm and many more faced adversity.

The band Interpol was trapped on their tour bus for 40 hours, on their way to a gig in Toronto. I thought it was crazy to see one of my favorite bands tweeting about being trapped in Buffalo and surviving on Vodka and dry foods. My city was trending for all the wrong reasons. Our NFL team, The Buffalo Bills even had to move their scheduled game against the NY Jets to Detroit due to the snow.

It’s bizarre how the snow fell in a line just south of the city, didn’t even effect where I am at all (the ground is now bare) but three miles away people are still buried under state of emergency amounts of snow. I’m a member of the Buffalo-based Stripteasers Burlesque troupe and last night, we played a show in our hometown, in the part of the city that wasn’t hit hard.

buffalo stripteasers burlesque
The show did go on: Buffalo Stripteasers Burlesque

It’s a difficult thing to have a show while there is such a disaster so close by. How can we entertain when such serious situations are all around us? My initial thought was to party on in honor of our homies who couldn’t get out, it was impossible earlier in the week. We actually cancelled two shows this week, sadly one of which was to benefit the food bank of Western New York, but totally had a show last night that was a huge success and broke the cabin fever.

We still have at least one Stripteaser that is housebound and may miss the show we have planned for tomorrow night but hopefully is all set for the huge show we have planned for Tuesday. As long as they can get into Buffalo we have a burlesque performer coming into town from Tasmania and a vaudeville couple from New Orleans coming in to join us for a special Thanksgiving spectacular at Nietzsches.

As the driving bans are lifted, so is spirit of our beautiful city. Today I am going to venture into ground zero to finally get a chance to help my parents dig out.

One thing about Buffalo that has always impressed me was the sense of community and how people band together in a time of need. We aren’t called the city of good neighbors for nothing. Buffalonians know how to love each other in the eye of the storm.

As a performer I think it is important to keep calm and carry on with the show. The string band on the Titanic played as the ship went down. People who dug themselves out of deep white abyss deserve to see some burlesque in much the same way.

* Top image via Reddit

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