Call out to the retired emo kids RA RA RIOT this Friday @ Il Motore
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Ra Ra Riot, an American indie band whose roots grew out of Syracuse, New York are performing this Friday, December 3rd @ Il Motore @ 8:30pm in Montreal. Here’s three reasons all you retired emo kids (and everyone else) need to be there. So, let’s get to the goods…

GOOD REASON #1: They’ve toured with Editors, Canadian favourites (and one of my top five) Tokyo Police Club and have been called, “one of the best young bands” has heard “in a really long time.” Having formed in 2006, Ra Ra Riot has been touring North America and the UK extensively with bands we all listen to on a regular basis. Ok, so? Well, you know when your friend is about to introduce you to someone new, and they say, “Dude, you’re really gonna like Jenny/Jim, they’re super cool and they’ve got the best dances I’ve ever seen. Kind of like the lead singer from The Drums.” Ra Ra Riot is that Jenny or Jim the company they keep (or toured with) should be a big, bright green flag for your ears drums.

GOOD REASON #2: They’re represented by Arts&Crafts and every song they make is magic. Arts&Crafts is my go-to for emerging independent artists and artist information. They’re a Canadian based, independent artist services company (or music label), formed by Kevin Drew, a member of the one band that changed music for me forever, Broken Social Scene. The label represents most of your iTunes library and continues to introduce indie music lovers to great bands like Urban Dictionary educates   you on the best new wave slang (and you love every band and word).

It’s not like puff the magic dragon (or it could be, I don’t know what you do in your time off), but I really can’t think of one song that I skip on any of their EP’s and albums. This is a good sign. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to any of these magical, heart aching, yet overly happy tunes click here and get a shark on the groove going for your own dragon puffing (if that’s what you do).

GOOD REASON #3: Retired emo kids can finally get their lyrical fix. For those of you who are retired emo kids (like myself, aka those born between 83′-89’… none of that new wave shit), you’re probably also a sucker for cute, romantic and melancholy lyrics (Ra Ra Riot wears their heart on their sleeves). You know the lyrics I’m talking about. Well, let’s mix those feelings with some drumming, cellin’ and volining, and you’ve got yourself one great band, who sound like they’re retired emo kids, turned indie musicians (and this is not a bad thing, so don’t be negative…jerks).

Cool beans. Come RA RA Riot with me this Friday and I will wear all my black clothing, along with my not-broke-heart pinned to my sleeve. Or just buy their album Orchard and have a dance party in your room.

Ra Ra Riot will be playing alongside The Most Serene Republic and Imaginary Cities this Friday, December 3rd @ Il Motore @ 8:30pm. Come be a part of the Riot for the Republic in this Imaginary City.

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  • I actually find myself liking them. Nice music is nice music and this is. It’s melodic, lyrical and I love that violin. Great!

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