Canadian Music Week 2012 Preview

Forget the Box takes you through what indie rock events are not to be missed at this years’s Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto.

The Apache Relay
Hard to believe it’s already that time of year again, but in less than two months, another Canadian Music Week will be upon us! What is Canadian Music Week, you ask? It’s when, for five days, people from all over the world gather in Toronto for an orgy of high profile music and comedy stars, come discover the next under the radar indie band, or enjoy kick ass music inspired film at the CMW Film Fest (and just maybe if you’re lucky, sit down the aisle from Sammy Hagar).

We here at Forget the Box had an amazing, sleep deprived experience at the 2011 CMW. So in early January, when we began to sketch out ideas of what festivals and events we wanted to cover over 2012, going back to Toronto for another CMW was an obvious choice. Now without further ado, here’s a preview of some of the acts Forget the Box is excited to catch at this year’s festival:

Ben Caplan and the Occasional Smokers An Indie folk group from Halifax, lead singer Ben Caplan is not only a strong lyricist  but has one of those great raspy Tom Waits-style voices that sucks you in immediately. Track to check out:  Down to the River

The Balconies is a sibling indie rock band from Toronto, and I am ashamed to admit I’ve never seen them perform live. With CMW 2012 I aim to change that. Track to check out: Kill Count

The Balconies (photo Chris Zacchia)

Acres of Lions This pop rock band from Victoria, BC has been voted one of the top 20 bands in the province two years in a row by Music BC. Track to check out: December

Avalanche City is sweet lo fi pop music from New Zeland, and darn it if they don’t make some of the cutest music videos you’ve ever seen. I dare you not to fall in love with this band. Track to check out: Love, Love, Love  

French Wives  This band from Glasgow is the only group I saw when perusing the CMW website that didn’t have a long flowery description of themselves. In fact, they didn’t have any description at all. It’s a good reflection of the simple yet throughly enjoyable indie rock they produce. Track to check out: Covered in Grace

Lovely Killbots is a Grindcore group from Toronto, and they’re destined to become your new favorite band to dance drunkenly to. Track to check out: Hello my dear

The Apache Relay is a indie rock band from Nashville that toured with Mumford and Sons this past year. As I went through the long list of bands this week, I was giving them each a ten second chance to impress me with their songs. Yet when I reached this band, I realized I’d spent the past half hour searching through their song list. Track to check out: Home is not Places

Over the next six weeks, make sure you check back at Forget the Box to see more CMW previews of this year’s film fest and other interesting concerts and events happening during the festival. Check out the entire CMW 2012 schedule for yourself.


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