Canadiana Shines at the Dakota Tavern with Trent Severn


Trent Severn played to an enthusiastic crowd at the Dakota Tavern on Wednesday night.  The group, made up of Dayna Manning (vocals, guitar, banjo), Emm Gryner (vocals, bass, guitar) and Laura C. Bates (vocals, violin), paint stunning visual portraits in their folk/roots based songs fueled by Canadian landscapes and folklore.  With references to the Bluenose on our dime, getting stuck on highway 400 going up to cottage country, wearing comfy NHL sweaters and Brian Mulroney quotes, what’s not to love, dear Canadians? Especially when sung by a trio of  babes with killer three-part harmonies? Recently, at one of their shows, Chris Hadfield called them from outer space. Though they’re a relatively new band with only one album released to date, Trent Severn are already making headlines.

Listen to these stunning sirens croon their song “Freedom”

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