CancerCure™ Campaigns and the Fight for Movember

People are passionate about Movember and fighting cancer. Few things these days bring people together under a common cause. Our strong, natural solidarity to fight for good causes has been  undermined and perverted by greedy jerks. We need to take back our movement.

The Movember movement tries to create a better, more healthy world. Supporters have the purest intentions. It is beautiful when good people come together for a good cause. And us Canadians do it very well.  But, like many good movements, it has been spoiled by greed. Some big business types and their buddies don’t care about us or our movement, they only care about our money.

Our movement has been hijacked by big business. They turned love and solidarity into marketable CancerCure™ campaigns. It’s all corporate. The big shots took it over. These big business big shots brandish CancerCure™ ribbons and slogans on their products and then throw pennies at the cause. They mark CancerCure™ on make-up, ointments, foods with dangerous additives and hormones proven to cause cancer or contain cancer causing carcinogens. People die and they lie. Someone’s making dough.

And what about Big Pharma?

Big Pharma get trucks loads of CancerCure™ money and then they have the nerve to charge an arm and a leg for their lifesaving drugs. Their large profits are criminal. We run marathons, they get obscenely rich, poor Canadians get poorer into debt to treat tumors. Why don’t the Cancercure™ big shots  say anything about that?

Well, they’re in bed with Big Pharma. If they weren’t so obsessed with getting rich and having fancy fundraising festivals we could save millions of lives around the world. Simple diseases could be eradicated if not for the giant inaccessible costs of their drugs and Big Pharma’s greedy lust for profits.

Let’s look at AIDS and Malaria. Poor folks in the third world are dying in droves. If Big Pharma wanted, they could produce enough HIV/AIDs and Malaria medicine to eradicate the disease and end related deaths once in for all. But they don’t. It isn’t profitable. The dead and dying are a lucrative market. Canadians are going into poverty, people in the third world die. Whose winning?

Movember and similar CancerCure™ campaigns have the real potential to change the world, but first the movement needs to stand up for Canadians and people around the world. Big shot Stephen Harper is pushing a new free trade deal with Europe down the throats of Canadians. Patent protection will be increased. Expensive drug treatments will become explosively expensive for longer periods of time. Cancer will cause poverty.

The Movember big shots and their CancerCure™ buddies haven’t said a word.

Whose side are they on?

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