Caroline Keating Shiny Debut: Silver Heart

Caroline Keating
Caroline Keating
Caroline Keating and Sebastian Chow

Last week Montreal-based musician Caroline Keating launched her debut album Silver Heart to a sold out show at Chapelle St.Louis. The small beautiful chapel was packed with people; some fans were even crammed onto windowsills, listening intently whilst the music traveled the walls and bounced off the smiles of the audience. The venue was extremely fitting for Keating, who is an art historian and whose loveliness was complimented by the decor of the chapel.

Caroline KeatingPhilémon Chante opened the night with songs about love and loss performing with his guitar and accompanied on upright bass. Anticipation for Keating’s set was palpable in the air during the short intermission. Accompanied by Stephanie Park on violin, Sebastian Chow on violin, Matthew Perrin on upright bass, and Jeremy Gara on drums, Keating performed her entire album and treated the audience to some new tracks. Keating’s debut album is a testament to her great ability to tell stories that move the heart and her evolution as an artist. Her songs were as moving as ever, “Lusty Dusty”, “They Say” and “Gatsby” stuck in my head for a week after this wonderful evening. The event was put on by the lovely people over at Passovah and Pop Montreal.

Give the album a listen, and if you like it, support your local artists.

Photo by Chris Zacchia

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