Cassie And Jess Go Yard Sale-ing!

The sun is shining, popsicles are melting, and the whole city is crammed onto terraces drinking! Oh yes, summer is unmistakably here and my little tam-tam heart is beating a carefree calypso rhythm.

It’s a time of backyard barbeques, sun burns and short-shorts, outdoor concerts, and pitchers of sangria; it’s a time of yard sales.  When I see a poster stapled to a street pole advertising those two Sharpie-lettered words, my eyes glaze over and I begin to quiver with excitement at the thought of all the junky treasures I’ll buy and never actually use. Ahh, yard sales…

So this summer, Cassie and I are teaming up and embarking on a summer-long mission: to find as many yard sales as possible!  We’ve created a facebook page called Forget The Box Goes Yard Sale-ing use it to find out what yard sales are happening and when, but also use it to advertise your own!

The point is to have a go-to spot for yard sale info, and to help the environment by not posting unnecessary paper around the city. Plus, you can upload photos of the items you’re selling (a li’l enticement for your thrifty wares, hm?)  or upload pictures of the loot you’ve scored, creating a fun community-oriented summer time capsule.

Then, at the end of the summer, we’ll   have our own yard sale! (haha just joking…)

So ‘like’ the page, tell us the details, and post your pics…

Happy yard sale-ing!

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  • Love this idea! Is there a “holy shit I can’t believe I got this for $2.00!” area? So far this year I’ve found a work bench, an amazing vintage poster and a pair of equally amazing vintage roller skates. NDG is heaven for yard-sales.

  • If people like they can post pictures of their awesome finds either here or on our Facebook wall. (follow the link on the top right side 🙂

  • What a freakin find, Cassie I assume you bought that Lionel Richie record for me because if not we are no longer friends obviously.

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